Ex-NFL Player Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson Reveals Size Of His Manhood On Instagram, Claims He’s Only Three Inches Downstairs But His Personality Makes Up For It

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson wants the world to know that not only does proper diet matter, but neither does size.  For years the retired pro-NFL player has been front and center for his undying love for McDonald’s, with his continuous perhaps unsolicited endorsements of the ever popular fast food chain.  While health experts would beg folks who are looking to live long and healthy lives or even wanting to lose weight, to stay away from foods and restaurants like McDonald’s, Ochocinco would beg to differ.

HBO’s docuseries Hard Knocks 2009 which highlighted the Bengals that year gave a glimpse of the NFL player’s life, which included frequent trips to McDonald’s.  While he leads a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle, he’s told reporters before that the only thing he would test positive for is “Red Bulls and McDonald’s.”  Ochocinco also chose to work at a Cincinnati Mickey D’s in 2010 as a part of his “tour for giving”.

If you follow Johnson on social media, you would also be subject to his undying affection for the Golden Arch’s.  “I ate McDonald’s my entire career, nutrition ain’t getting you open, catching the ball or scoring td’s,” he’s once tweeted.  Ocho has even gone as far as to having it delivered to him while being at an Orlando nightclub while he was in the VIP section.  “Y’all go to clubs & waste money on bottles trying to stunt, i go to clubs & get McDonald’s brought out, it’s levels to this s–t,” Johnson captioned a video that showed cheeseburgers being held by bottle service girls.  

Known for his boisterous and loud personality, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Johnson is ready to give a shocking admission about himself.  The ex-husband to Evelyn Lozada took to Instagram to share a video of his body to his followers, and to share that he’s proud of every inch… every inch.

“It’s that Old McDonald’s. I got eight of them things showing,” said Ochocinco in the video. “My chest is bigger than my girl’s chest right now.  Don’t let ’em tell you that you can’t eat no McDonald’s man.” 

He then provided personal information about the size of his penis, and let’s just say it’s not “ocho”, or “cinco” inches.  “Only thing wrong with me is downstairs, I ain’t nothing but three inches,” Johnson shared, “But that’s alright though, I’m not worried about that because my personality make up for it.”

Maybe that’s why he has a big personality?  Either way, Johnson can be seen and heard on the I AM ATHLETE podcast alongside Brandon Marshall, Fred Taylor, Channing Crowder, and Chef Nancie every Monday at 12 pm ET.

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