‘F*** Them Kids’: Woman Said Before Setting Home Of Husband’s Girlfriend On Fire With Children Inside

Three weeks ago, a Baton Rouge woman woke up and chose violence.  And after weeks of avoiding law enforcement, Shannon Blackson has finally been arrested for her heinous crimes that almost cost a woman and her two young children their lives. 

Some people can’t stand the thought of being rejected, or losing the very thing (or in this case, person) that belongs to them. They will go at whatever length to protect that which they think is their possession. In the case of relationships, some break-ups don’t seem to go the smoothest, and Blackson took this breakup to intense, fiery levels.

Local news station WBRZ reports that Shannon Blackson, 40, and her estranged husband along with his new girlfriend got into a heated altercation that resulted in a wreck on April 2nd.  Investigators say that Blackson admitted to them she followed the new couple to a hotel to confront them following the wreck.  Their cars were left at the auto repair shop where the husband worked that day. 

Following that initial debacle, arrest documents reportedly show that Blackson borrowed her mother’s car after informing her that she would be using it to “check on her car”.  Blackson seemingly went to retrieve her car, yet took the opportunity to vandalize the victim’s vehicle.  

This is where things began to heat up, literally. WBRZ reports that within that same night, Blackson visited the victim’s home on Howell Drive, which matches up to witness accounts who noted a suspicious vehicle in the area.  According to investigators, the victim’s house was coincidentally set on fire at around 2 am on April 3rd.   

Witnesses also report an object resembling a Molotov cocktail being thrown into the house.  The highly flammable weapon quickly exploded causing the combustion of flames to engulf the household. While the fire was intentionally being set, two children ages 12 and 3 were inside the household.  Thankfully, they were able to get out unharmed.   

example of molotov cocktail

The victim and Blackson’s estranged husband shared with law enforcement that they had were being subject to harmful threats from Blackson recently via text message and social media.  Reportedly on the day of the fire, Blackson posted messages like “f*** them kids” and “Dnt play wit me Play wit yo kids (laugh emoji) I’m gon win everytime.” 

With the help of the Baton Rouge Police Department, the Baton Rouge Fire Department was able to arrest Blackson after avoiding the police.  She has been charged with aggravated arson, terrorizing, and criminal damage to property. However, Blackson was reportedly released on the same day after posting a $27,500 bond.

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