Faith Evans Alleged Affair With Tupac While Married To Biggie Resurfaces After Singer Admits She Was ‘Set Up’ To Be In Photo With Rapper, Says Photo Was Innocent

Faith Evans is one of the few living people who was close to rapper The Notorious B.I.G. Though his outsized legacy still lives on, so does the infamy that surrounded him and wife Faith Evans’ relationship at the time of his death. Fellow rapper Fat Joe has rehashed some of it in his latest interview with singer Evans.

Snoop Dogg recently has been mentioning his own history with Tupac, Biggie and the West Coast feud that he was also a key part of. He shared his own touching story about an interaction that he had with Biggie after Tupac’s death – a moment in which they shared a mutual admiration for the “California Love” rapper, despite the beef.

“[Lil] Cease takes me upstairs, Biggie is upstairs in a walker — like what the old people walk around in,” Snoop shared on Instagram recently. “He got the little walker sitting at the edge of the bed. And when I walk in the room, we started talking. And then he looked me in my eyes. He said something that — he’s sad that Tupac is dead, but I can look in his eyes and I could see that he hurt. He didn’t even have to say it. I could see that he hurt behind 2Pac being dead.”

Now, a private collector owns a piece of Biggie’s history from the days before his own death. The “King of New York” crown that he wore, given to him by photographer Barron Claiborne for B.I.G.’s “King of New York” photo shoot for Rap Pages magazine back in 1997, sold by Sotheby’s International in its first Hip-hop memorabilia auction for $594,750.

History aside, it seems as if one piece of the infamy has still yet to come clean apparently about their own involvement – Faith Evans.

It was widely reported during the infamous beef that singer Faith Evans had somehow been disrespectful to husband Biggie during his beef with rapper Tupac. There were other parties involved like Suge Knight and Diddy aka Puff Daddy that helped to further inflame and exacerbate the “beef.”

During that time, Faith Evans took a picture with Tupac that became a flashpoint for the beef, with Knight insinuating that Evans slept with Tupac – and Tupac alluding to the same thing in a diss track that was heard around the world. Though Biggie never seemed to believe it, their relationship never recovered – and neither did Evans’ marriage. However, she still seems to deny these rumors some decades later.

During an appearance The Fat Joe show, Evans talked about how the picture that became suspect was actually just a chance meeting – that was also facilitated by Treach from Naughty by Nature.

“I was out here to make money as a writer, and that had nothing to do with Tupac whatsoever. That was really just a chance meeting at a club. Actually, Treach — who I knew already — was with him that night, and that’s who actually came and made the introduction.”

Faith claims that after she met Tupac, she even called Biggie to let him know she met his “boy,” as at the time – the two were still friends. But outside of this chance meeting, she still sticks with her story that nothing happened between the two.

See the clip below.

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