Family Of Mother Shot and Killed By Toddler During Zoom Call Launches GoFundMe: “We Miss Her Very Much and Want To Give Her A Decent Homegoing Service”

The shocking truth is that so many die at the hands of firearms that are left unsecured. Far worst is that many of these deaths are inflicted by a child who got possession of the weapon when adults were not paying attention. This terrible reality became the truth for a Florida based family who are having to cope today with the loss of a young woman shot and killed by their toddler.

A shockingly similar case took place this past February. A mother of 5 in North Carolina named Gabriel Alexis Henderson was killed when one of her kids discovered the firearm in her purse. The 25 year old woman from Cornelius was found in the backroom of her home and pronounced dead at the scene. The eldest of the kids was in the living room while the 4 younger siblings were in the room going through mom’s bag. Another sibling was injured and taken to the hospital where his injury was said to be non threatening. Cornelius police Capt. Jennifer Thompson told FOx 46 news “We know that children are going to look at a gun and not be able to tell if it’s real or safe. That’s why we talk about how important it is to be a good gun owner.”

In April another child accidentally pulled the trigger of an unattended gun in Houston. The 3 year old’s victim was not an adult in this case, instead it was his 8 month old baby brother. Assistant Chief Wendy Baimbridge of the Houston Police Department confirmed that the shooting occurred accidentally after the toddler got his hands on the gun. “This is just a tragic. It was just one gunshot to the abdomen, and unfortunately our little one is deceased.”

Shamaya Lynn, 21, was shot and killed while on a zoom call by a toddler. The death took place Wednesday in Altamonte Springs, outside of Orlando. Someone present on the zoom call witnessed the incident and called 911. The woman was shot and fell back. Police did not identify her relationship to the toddler.

Shamaya’s family has now launched a GoFundMe Campaign to cover funeral cost. The family is looking to raise $3,000. “We miss her very much and want to give her a decent homegoing service. Anything given will help and will be greatly appreciated by her family and her two 2 young sons age 2 and 1,” the campaign states.

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