Fans Are Speculating Cardi B’s Is Pregnant With Second Child Following Performance

Rapper Cardi B warned her listeners (and the world) that she does not need any press in her 2019 standalone hit-single “Press”. Fans, however, don’t seem to care as they conjure up every theory they can concerning her. In the past, social media observations of some of their favorite celebrities have proven correct even prior to officially being confirmed by said artist. According to fan speculation, Cardi B and Offset might be making Kulture an older sibling to a baby brother or sister in the near future. Could they be right?

Cardi’s been snatching the hearts and attention of many since coming into America’s homes via television screens and social media. Her debut album Invasion of Privacy shocked and opened the eyes of many, while her day one fans were left asking the newcomers “where have you all been?” With many in the public falling in love with her personality so swiftly and the rapper/personality rising to the top as fast as she had, it was evident for her privacy to be invaded.

Her debut single “Bodak Yellow” released to critical acclaim in 2017 before rising to the top of the Billboard charts and staying there for three consecutive weeks. Cardi would continue to drop singles prior to the release of the album, but life had some other plans for the budding hit rapper who was just beginning to scrape the stratosphere: motherhood.

Cardi’s grind was so tough that her pregnancy was kept under wraps while working. Speculations soon began to arise, however, she did her best to keep it a secret until the big reveal at her Saturday Night Live performance. It was there that the rapper, donned in a brilliant Christian Siriano gown, showcased her baby bump. The cameras began with a close up on the rapper before panning out to reveal that Kulture was on her way!

“I’m finally free!” she was seen exclaiming in a video backstage after her performance amidst cheers from her team and other onlookers. No longer having to hold the secret back any longer, she was able to fully embrace motherhood along support from fellow entertainers such as Remy Ma. The fellow Bronx rapper was so excited for her sister that she shared her excitement while also showing people how beautiful it is for a female artist not to have to hide behind real life situations.

“I’m crying real tears- happy tears,” Remy shared in her tribute. “For so many years they made us (women) feel like we had to pretend to be single, pretend to not have a [real-life], and put our lives on hold to “entertain” the masses. Meanwhile, you feel trapped in your own body, a prisoner to your career, and so unhappy when you supposed to be having the time of your life. [Cardi B] I am so happy you are free too.”

At the time, the rapper was so filled with eyes on her private life, wondering her every move. Even though she finally revealed the truth about her pregnancy, shortly after she shared to her followers in her Instagram Story why she would have rather kept it silent.

“This is why [I} did not [want] to say nothing,” she wrote, as captured by The Shade Room. “People be so thirsty to scrutinize and try to destroy something that [is supposed] to be a blessing.”

Her daughter with husband and Migos rapper Offset, Kulture, is gearing up to be three-years-old in July. A great portion of Cardi B fans feel as though she is gearing up to expand her family, as they believe she has dropped some recent hints.

Prior to this year’s Grammy performance where she debuted the live showings of her latest singles, the rapper tweeted that she was feeling under the weather. The conversation began to heighten as she stepped on stage and although her set design and all of the moving parts surrounding her gave what needed to be given, fans felt as though the rapper was lacking in the energy department that was needed.

It didn’t take long for her fans to begin to think that the reason for her lack of energy had to deal with her possibly being pregnant with her second child. Tweets began to ring out suggesting the rapper was with child once again shortly after the performance. “So are we all in agreement that Cardi b is pregnant? Lol,” tweeted one of her supporters. Another tweeted, “Awe shes pregnant? I’m actually genuinely happy for her. Because she going to be gone for nine months,” concluding their tweet with a congratulatory message and alleged picture proof.

The rapper did not make it any better, further shining light for speculation to dwell in a tweet following the performance.

“Sorry guys I haven’t been active today. Last night was a crazy experience and I got no one to blame but myself,” she said. “Soon you will see why my body feels destroyed.”

This is not the first time that Cardi has been accused of being pregnant without her confirming. Back in 2019, a mere months after their daughter was born, reports began to arise that she, once again, had been pregnant. She swiftly took to social media to shoot that down before it grew any more legs, or wings.

“BARDIGANG is harrassing me cause I’m gaining weight again,” she tweeted. “Like damn my baby ain’t even crawling yet can ya stop with the assumptions!”

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