Fans Panic After Reports Of Firefighters Responding To Smoke Coming From Actor Denzel Washington’s Home Surface, Causing Concern

This year has been a struggle for many, filled with loss, financial whirlwinds, death, and many more.  It would seem as though nobody is immune to what this year has yet to bring, which has led most to live on the edge.  Not just regular civilians, but it would seem as though every day, a new story breaks of a celebrity suffering from some type of struggle.

Today, it was reported that “Man On fire” star, Denzel Washington, faced an emergency involving one of his residences.  At just around 8 pm PST, the Los Angeles Fire Department was summoned to the mansion located on Beverly Park Circle, in the Beverly Crest neighborhood.  Reports swarmed in of smoke coming from the second floor of the residence, prompting the fire department to come to the potential aid of whoever was inside. 

The home is described to be over 28,000 square feet and is listed as being owned by the actor’s production company.  Arriving at the scene, firefighters performed a thorough search of the premises, even climbing up on the roof, only to discover there were no active flames on the outside of the massive home.  Taking it up a notch, firefighters used thermal imagining cameras to detect if there were any little fires within the walls of the property.

“The investigation is largely focused on one of several furnaces in the home that may have been recently serviced,” an official with the Los Angeles Fire Department said Wednesday. Washington, who is 65-years old, has not been confirmed to have been there, and he is reportedly just fine.  No other injuries were reported and after all their thorough investigation, allowed the occupants to enter back into the house after 10:30 pm.

Alan Neirob, Washington’s press representative, told USA TODAY in a statement, “There is no fire and everyone is OK and safe,”  

News of the fire sent social media into a state of worry, as people wanted to know the state of the actor and his family, however, when it was clarified that everyone was alright, there was a relief.  “Reportedly Denzel Washington’s house is on fire, but he’s ok,” one fan tweeted. “Finally the right time to use this gif.” The famous reaction gif of Washington looking relieved from his character in Training Day was utilized to highlight the tweet.

Another fan reacted saying, “Got a sinking feeling the minute I saw Denzel trending. OH, NO YOU DON’T, 2020,” they exclaimed before expressing they were glad everyone was safe. Amid other tweets of fans being grateful, some fans expressed how many have been feeling with news in 2020 peaking levels of anxiety to high levels.  “Oh no 2020 you better leave Denzel alone, we’ve already lost too many,” wrote one user. Another commented, “I am so done with 2020. WTF else can happen,” they began to question. “Fire storm from the sun? Meteor hits the earth? Mobile phone satellites crash on an asteroid? The hits just keep coming this year.”

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