Fashion First: Naomi Campbell Wears Full Hazmat Suit To Protect Herself From Coronavirus


Fans of Naomi Campbell know that she’s doesn’t play about germs, especially while she travels. She’s made a career of it, as a supermodel that travels the world constantly and as a self-avowed germaphobe. With Coronavirus sweeping the globe at an alarming pace, Naomi has also upped the ante in her own race against the things that can make you sick.

Sporting a hazmat suit, a pair of goggles, a face mask and pink latex gloves – Naomi was spotted boarding a plane at Los Angeles International Airport (“LAX”) decked out to the max for protection. The 49-year-old has dialed the intensity up a notch by not only wearing a face mask – like many other people who fly – but including it as just one piece of her fashionable ensemble against viruses.

In a photo series posted to her Instagram like a true fashionista, three pictures of Campbell spotlight her commitment to flying germ-free. Captioned with the words, “Safety First. NEXT LEVEL,” Campbell poses in the LAX terminal, while thanking fellow supermodel Linda Evangelista, for some reason.

In the first picture, Campbell poses quite professionally, despite her face being hidden. It’s quite possible that she could have made it through to her flight without even being recognized, had she not posted the pictures herself. She’s in full hazmat suit with mask and goggles covering her face. Pink latex gloved hands complete the pose while one holds the luggage like a pro, of course.

In the second photo, Naomi’s on the plane in her seat – now with her look being completed by some type of fashionable jacket or shawl, draped over her shoulders. Her eyes beneath the goggles show a seriousness about her commitment, holding up a gloved hand to show that her hand barriers were still intact.

The third photo shows Campbell off the plane, on the phone held up by her shoulder. I don’t know if anyone told her that she should also be wiping her cell phone down because the gloves are touching it. Safe to say, after all of this — she probably knows.

If you have any questions, stay tuned. “Full video coming on my YouTube soon…,” the supermodel promises. She’s done it before, so chances are, she’ll do it again!

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