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“I’d Fight Him For Free”: Rapper Fat Joe Offered $10 Million To Take Beef With 50 Cent To The Streets and Brawl One-On-One, Says He’s Not Scared, But Turned It Down

“Beef” is a marketing tactic that has been exposed time and time again in the music industry. Depending on who the artist is and when their release date is coming up, many artists have found themselves pitted against each other to boost sales. Fat Joe is just the latest to share a story of exactly that from earlier in his career.

These days, not many people are offering that much cold hard cash for anything, unless you’re someone with clout. Despite his trolling ways, 50 Cent is an intrepid businessman, producer, executive and artist and even he has been offered bags of cash to show his face on behalf of others, too.

50 Cent appeared on The Breakfast Club recently and dropped a bombshell about a recent bag that he passed up on. “I come to you to talk about being offered $1 Million dollars to go to Trump’s Inauguration. I passed on it.”

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50 Cent told the hosts that back when Chrisette Michele was being canceled, he too was offered a hefty sum of money to make an appearance – an amount which started at $500K and continued to rise.

“It went up to a million while I was still confused whether or not I should do it,” he told the hosts before settling on a “no.” “I ain’t gone put myself in that position, cuz I don’t know what I had to do to recover from it, right?”

In the end, 50 knew that it was an attempt to use him and other Black entertainers to get the “Black vote.” It’s too bad some of his other peers didn’t assess the situation in the same way, thus saving them a lot of potential embarrassment.

Singer Keri Hilson knows about fake beef too, as earlier in her career she was pitted against fellow stars Ciara and Beyoncé due to lyrics on the “Turnin’ Me On” remix which got her in trouble – and stunted her career.

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“No one could ever compare to Beyonce let’s just say the name that we’re discussing. No one could compare, no one will for a very, very, very long time and that was never my aim.” Keri shared that she didn’t write the lyrics that eventually made the remix, and that drama was never a part of who she was.

“I had to pay the penalty and then I’m caught like do I tell the truth do I expose them early in my career? I’m super young, super new, this is my first album. I’m so excited it just soiled my whole dream.”

Fat Joe and 50 Cent have had their share of hip-hop beef over their years in the industry, and Joe shared on his latest show, while talking about Nate Robinson’s defeat and K.O. at the hands of Jake Paul this past weekend, that he was also offered a bag of cash to fight 50 during their heyday.

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“I wouldn’t do it. When I had beef with 50 Cent, people were, like, fake offering me $10 million, $5 million, to go fight 50 one-on-one,” Fat Joe said around the 10-minute mark of a sit down with singer Myá.

“I’m not scared of 50. I’d fight him for free half the time! But to get knocked out on TV, it’s tough.”

See the video below.

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