Female Rapper Bhad Bhabie Shows Off Dancing Skills For Fans On The Gram

Some things are not made for everyone. This is not to say that anyone should not make their best attempts at trying whatever they want to do. But everyone is not capable of being gifted or talented at everything. Bhad Bhabie, a constant appropriator of culture, was seen attempting to twerk in a video clip, and it proves just that.

Ever since Bhad Bhabie, real name Danielle Bregoli, stepped on the scene via Dr. Phil’s daytime talk show it’s been a whirlwind of content from the Florida native. Bregoli’s “catch me outside, how bout dat?” threat to Dr. Phil’s audience quickly went viral. Something about her appearance on the show prompted Atlantic Records to come calling and the next thing you know Bhad Bhabie is born.

Musically, Bhabie has put out a few singles which have featured a few heavy hitters. There was 2018’s “Gucci Flip Flops” with Lil Yachty. That same year she collaborated with and released singles with Ty Dolla Sign (Trust Me) and Lil’ Baby (Geek’d). Megan Thee Stallion and Kodak Black also hopped on a song with the 18-year-old called “Bestie”.

Bhad Bhabie’s music has been RIAA certified with a few Gold and Platinum singles under her name. She was also nominated as the Top Female Rap Artist for the 2018 Billboard Awards, which the Internet was absolutely not here for.

Her actions and looks throughout the years have caused a debate as to whether or not the reality star is culturally appropriating, or “Blackfishing.” Bregoli would be seen at some times appearing darker than usual. At a time where the commentary was seemingly starting to become too much for the young star, she took to social media to address them via an Instagram Live session but brought legendary rapper Lil’ Kim into the mix to try and justify her explanation.

“I used darker foundation,” said Bhad Bhabie. “Lil Kim uses foundation that – no disrespect toward Lil Kim, I’m actually a fan of hers. No disrespect to her – but the girl wears foundation that’s too light for her face.” As if that were not enough, she included the infamous: “Who wants to be black? I don’t understand that! I just can’t comprehend it.”

She would later apologize for her comments to those that she offended. It was not meant how it was taken,” she said. We are not sure how else it was supposed to be taken or what else it was supposed to mean, but nevertheless, she continued, I would like for y’all to understand that I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I was saying it like ‘who are you talking about.'” Not meaning it’s bad to be that.”

“Please don’t twist my words,” she continued. I truly never meant to offend anyone. This is the last time I will defend myself on this topic. Y’all [can] twist what ever you ant but I know what I truly mean.”

With that, Bhabie continued to press on and went back to her old ways. A video clip would soon surface where the young Florida star is clad in a lime green outfit and she attempts (and we do mean attempts) to show off her assets… or #NoA** as she captioned the video.

Stiff where? Bhad Bhabie.

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