Fired Walmart Employee Drives His Car Through Store After Losing His Job, Leaving Everyone Without Work For The Day

Losing your job can be incredibly angering, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic. Maybe are holding on to work for dear life while others struggle to find any at all. Unemployment has been the sole source of income for many people over the last 14 months, with many cases scheduled to end by the summer. Understandably people are in dark places, so its no surprise that some are acting erratic and scared for their livelihood.

ABC News recently reported that California is set to lose almost $70000 more jobs in the coming weeks to do the coronavirus pandemic. They reported “Numbers released Friday by the Employment Development Department show the nation’s most populous state lost 69,900 jobs in January. Coupled with revised numbers from December, the state lost 145,300 jobs over those two months, slowing the recovery.”

While many are falling back on unemployment to supplement income in the meantime, new reports state that the Unemployment agencies will soon require that people are able to provide proof that they’re looking for work.

North Carolina, South Carolina, Nevada and Idaho have all recently announced that many of their unemployment recipients will have to search for work or bolster their job skills to remain on unemployment benefits.

They’ll join 19 other states that have brought back the requirement, according to, a private website that provides information and assistance on benefits. “The jobless could lose benefits if they turn down employment unless they have a valid Covid-related safety concern, thanks to revised rules issued by President Joe Biden’s Labor Department.”

Many are obviously set to be rocked by the upcoming changes in work availability and unemployment assistance. One man in North Carolina was not ready to deal with that reality. The former Wal-Mart employee, Lacy Cordell Gentry (32), was not too happy about being fired recently. According to the New York Daily News “(Gentry) had been recently fired from the facility where the damage occurred around 6 a.m. Friday. No injuries were reported and Gentry was taken into custody.”

Gentry crashed through the front door and charged through the store causing severe damage. “If you take a car through a Walmart, there’s going to be a lot of damage,” an officer said.

Photos of the Walmart crash site show the mangled metal door frames missing their glass windows. Interior pictures display a smashed-up 2015 Volkswagen Passat surrounded by an array of destroyed retail goods.

Police claim Gentry had outstanding warrants prior to the Walmart incident. No motive for the drive-through has been determined, though Gentry faces multiple charges and is being held on $100, 000 bond.

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