“First Lil Murda, Now This?”: Rapper Snoop Dogg Calls Out 50 Cent For Adding ‘Gay’ Characters To Power, Says It Threw Him For A Loop

Fans that have been waiting in the balance for the new installation of Courtney Kemp’s creation, Power, finally got their wishes granted when the spin-off debuted on Starz this September.  Power Book II: Ghost premiered to much fanfare, as it brought back the majority of the original show’s main cast, as well as a bevy of fresh faces that include hip-hop legend Method Man as well as “Queen of Soul” Mary J Blige.  

The 50 Cent executive produced show continues where Power left off on the series finale, occurring just days after Ghost was killed.  In the sequel, fans are granted access into the life of Tariq (played by Michael Rainey Jr.) as he maneuvers being the man of the house, navigating through life in order to prevent his mother, Tasha (played by Naturi Naughton), who is serving a sentence in attempts to save Tariq from going to prison.  Tariq also is doing his best to shed the legacy of his father from his name and image and is doing whatever it takes to save his family.  

Throughout Tariq’s journey, he meets the Tejada family, with Blige playing the role of queen pen Monet Stewart Tejada.  The “Thick Of It” singer’s role is also a mother of three on the show, Dru, Cane, and Diana, as well as aunt to the character “Zeke”, whom Tariq is given the task of tutoring.  

While each episode continues the story of Tariq as he faces the pressures of his Canonical Studies program at Stansfield in the midst of figuring out his family’s way of escape, it also lays focus on the supporting characters’ stories and viewpoints. The show’s history (from the original to the current spin-off) is filled with themes of drugs and violence. For the first time, the show has included a scene that left some feeling uncomfortable, including rapper Snoop Dogg. 

In episode 4, Monet’s son Dru (played by Lovell Adams-Gray) is required by Monet to spy on Tariq during the day, which brings him to one of Tariq’s art classes.  In the class, he meets another male student, where a connection is made.  Viewers later would see the flirty exchange between the two turn into a steamy scene.

Many social media users became divided because of the scene, including Snoop Dogg.  During the scene, the rapper captured a picture and sent the screenshot to 50 Cent. Unclear as to what the message was about, the executive producer uploaded the private message to his Instagram page with his theory on why “Uncle Snoop” sent the picture.

He captions the pic, “@snoopdogg must didn’t like the last episode he sent me this. LOL I can hear him now, da f– you doing to my show nephew!”  The post drew a comment from Snoop himself in attempts to explain his disposition.  “Threw me for a loop,” wrote Snoop. “First lil murder now this s–t. The season is a masterpiece again as usual. Drew ya daddy bet not find out.”

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