Florida Couple Jailed After Being Found Trapped In Unlocked Closet For Two Days

Being “trapped in the closet” could mean a flurry of things.  For one, it has been used as a term for those that tend to hide their sexuality.  In another instance, it became popularized when R. Kelly made a multi-part song called “Trapped In The Closet”.  A Florida couple is giving new meaning to the term. 

John Arwood and Amber Campbell somehow found themselves in a janitor’s closet on a Sunday at a Marine and Environmental Science Center janitor’s closet Daytona State College.  For two days they were “trapped” in said closet, feeling as though they were locked in.  Finally, that Tuesday Arwood used his cell phone and called 911.  

Police were able to track their location and Arwood and Campbell were “rescued”, except the door was unlocked the whole time and they could have gotten out had they made the simple attempt.  A report from the Orlando Sentinel states that police found the couple in the closet along with human feces and copper scouring pads sometimes used to smoke crack.   

However, no drugs were reportedly found in the closet or on their person. 

The Sentinel reports that the couple said they were “chased into the closet” that Sunday.  Trying to understand how the pair could have been trapped in there, a police officer went into the closet and closed the door, discovering that it would not lock. 

Arwood and Campbell were arrested and charged with trespassing, but Campbell’s charges came with some extras as she had also violated her probation for resisting arrest years earlier.   

A report from The Sentinel shows that Campbell had previously escaped from a facility for mental illness patients in Daytona Beach and proceeded to lead police on a wild goose chase on foot.  Prior to that she reportedly crashed her brother’s car a mile south of the area.  She then slipped out of her handcuffs and allegedly attacked a deputy several times. 

The attack led officials to use a stun gun on her, shocking her around three times.  At the time Campbell was charged with escape, aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer with violence, and giving a false name upon being arrested. 

Arwood’s criminal history is also extensive as he’s had prior arrests and served five jail sentences.  Since 2000, he has been charged with armed burglary, possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana, and fleeing law enforcement, among others.  

Arwood was released on $1,000 following the arrest for the closet incident.  Campbell on the other hand was kept in Daytona Beach’s Volusia County Branch Jail. 

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