Florida Mom, 34 Arrived At Daughter’s Middle School Wearing Boxing Gloves To Box Student

Some parents don’t know better contrary to popular belief. And when it comes to school altercations, they can often make things worst than better. Sadly stories come out every now and then of a parent who took “justice” into their own hands after feeling their child was wronged and the school did nothing to fix it.

Last June a mother snuck onto the campus of North Atlanta High School to confront a child that had an altercation with her 14 year old. It was reported that the teen had got into an argument with another teen earlier that morning. The two got into it later that day in the cafeteria before one of the students decided to involve their mom. The other 14 year old happens to be the daughter of reality star Sierra Gates.

“I was heartbroken. I’ve been crying all day,” Gates said. “To see that her safety is not assure at school is very scary to me.” An Atlanta Schools PD spokesperson said that “the parent was inappropriately provided access to the building by the student.”

“That’s a severe concern, not only for my client Ms. Gates, but also other parents of students who attend North Atlanta High School,” McKinnon said. Cellphone footage of the incident was released to the internet.

This week a similar incident occurred at a Florida school. A Jacksonville mother was charged after an incident involving a student her child had an altercation with. She was wear boxing gloves and confronted the child in the school cafeteria. Edith Riddle, 34, was arrested Thursday.

Riddle had just met with the principle to discuss an exchange her daughter had earlier that day with another student. Following the back and forth, she did not leave campus. Instead she decided to take matters into her own boxing glove covered hand.

When police arrived, Riddle revealed that the boxing gloves used in the quarrel were actually super glued to her hands.

Riddle was detained and charged with one count of “child abuse.”

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