Former B2K Manager Chris Stokes Finally Admits What Happened To Singer Raz-B

Chris Stokes, mastermind behind the successes of young R&B acts such as Immature, B2K as well as the writer and director of 2004’s You Got Served, finds himself under fire again.

Continual might be a more appropriate word for the entertainment maven, a bevy of salacious accusations were made against him by members of B2K when a video recording of members Raz-B (born Demario Thornton) and brother Ricardo “Ricky Romance” Thornton surfaced back in 2007. 

Both young men spoke of being victims of abuse and untoward activity of an illicit nature at the hands of manager Chris Stokes; an offense that began while the younger Thornton was as young as 11 or 12. 

In the video Ricardo can be heard saying, “Chris [Stokes] made me take showers with the other boys. … All that little sh*t that my brother was introduced to, that was brought to me first, and I blocked that s*t.hurts…”

Stokes has maintained his innocence ever since. In an interview with MTV News, Stokes retorted, “You have to understand, since B2K broke up, they’ve done nothing, and they really had no money other than the financial support I gave them,” Stokes said. “And so now, as you seen on the videos, if you did watch them, he’s saying his brother is ready to [end his life]. So at this point, they felt they could just do whatever they feel it would take to get the money.”

Recently, fans have furthered the accusations, coming for Stokes via Instagram. 

Two screenshots of DMs have circulated showing Stokes offering the same response to different individuals making attempts to call him out. 

To both, Stokes wrote, “It is not True! Stop with this.” Stokes then goes on to reveal Raz-B’s brother is responsible. See below:

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