Former FBI Agent Reveals Name Of Man Responsible For Biggie’s Death, Claims Suge Knight Paid Him & Diddy Was The Actual Target

The passings of Christopher George Latore Wallace and Lesane Parish Crooks, mostly famously known as Notorious B.I.G and 2Pac Shakur, continue to baffle friends, family and fans. The two hip-hop heavyweights became mega stars in the early 90’s, before a well documented feud resulted in them both being gunned down months apart between 1996 and 1997. Many have speculated for years on who took the lives of both men and if their passings were in any way connected. In the years since, films and documentaries have been made dissecting the evidence in hopes of bringing answers. This week a new lead has come forth in the form of a former FBI agent claiming to know the real details surrounding Biggie’s passing and the people involved.

Notorious B.I.G was gunned down in the early morning of March 9th 1997, he was only 24 years old. The Brooklyn born MC had become one of the biggest stars in hip-hop thanks to his infectious flow, familiar samples in his music, and the flashy lifestyle portrayed by himself and friend/label head Sean Combs. While much of his more popular records centered on rags to riches and making money, Biggie also was known for talking candidly about various controversial subjects in his music. As a result, many believed he was involved in the robbery that got 2pac sh*t in 1994. The two were formerly friends, but this situation pinned them against one another, and made them both the faces of opposing hip-hop movements on both the east and west coasts. These feuds were egged on by fans and the media.

Eventually things culminated in the passing of 2pac in September of 1996 in Las Vegas. Many believed Wallace to have had a part in it, with some sources claiming he paid for the weapon that took Shakur’s life. Unfortunately he was slain only a few months later while visiting Los Angeles, in what was believed to be retaliation.

New details on his passing have come out this week, with the New York Post reporting that a former FBI agent has come forward with details. Via their website: “Death Row Records founder Marion “Suge” Knight financed the hit on Brooklyn rapper Notorious B.I.G. — an execution carried out by Nation of Islam convert and hired hitman Amir Muhammad with the help of corrupt Los Angeles cops, according to an FBI agent who worked the case and sources who have seen sealed court documents.”

Their source, Phil Carson, claims to have worked on the case for 2 years. “All the evidence points to Amir Muhammad. He’s the one who pulled the trigger, there were plenty of others who helped orchestrate it [and] allowed him to pull the trigger.”

The alleged cover-up “was the biggest miscarriage of justice in my 20-year career at the FBI,” said Carson. “I had evidence that LAPD officers were involved and I was shut down by the LAPD and city attorneys inside Los Angeles.”

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