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Former G-Unit Rapper Young Buck Is Now Asking Fans For $1 On CashApp, Following Rumors The Rapper Only Has $100 In His Pocket

Rapper Young Buck has been at the end of his once-friend and groupmate 50 Cent’s barbs for too long now and it seems Buck’s situation has become no laughing matter. Despite his success in 50 Cent’s G-Unit, the rapper that once had “Money in the Bank” is now left with pennies, asking for his fans’ help.

It’s been years since G-Unit were at the apex of their success; their 2003 debut album went quadruple platinum but things were never the same for the group after that. Though Young Buck was a part of the group, he was added later after Tony Yayo went to jail. His contribution has been heavily noted and their debut success is what gave Young Buck the solo career that he now acknowledges isn’t particularly benefiting him financially.

50 Cent has targeted his former group members just as viciously as he’s famously trolled the rest of the world, despite their friendships and previous business relationships. Just last year, 50 Cent pretty much closed all doors for hopes of a G-Unit reunion after he threw all his former group members under the bus.

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“Some people are not built to make it, their habits and instincts will pull them right back to struggle,” wrote 50 Cent on a photo of himself back then. “You put them on, they f– up the package.” He followed up with another comment, specifying who his initial caption was more than likely about.

“Do you realize G-unit only did 5 shows together with out me?” asked the rapper. “In 16 years, every time you saw them together it was my show. Now that’s a big bag they f—ed up.”

These comments more than likely sum up 50 Cent’s view on Young Buck’s financial matters, even if he hadn’t already trolled his ex-friend about them. Young Buck has been at the center of a few especially targeted attacks with regards to his finances, troubles and even love life. 50 Cent received a ton of backlash previously for targeting Young Buck’s relationship with a transwoman, which 50 doesn’t seem to “approve” of.

Young Buck has responded in kind but in the process has been working to get free of his record contract with 50 Cent and his old label G-Unit Records. Buck reportedly filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy – in order to also get out from up under his G-Unit contract stipulations. 50 Cent has admittedly blocked Buck’s releases, one of the key drivers of his income potentitally.

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In the legal documents for his bankruptcy filing, Buck is reportedly disputing an undisclosed amount of money owed to Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and G-Unit Records. In fact, it is written that he’s looking to “reject any and all executory contracts with G-Unit and/or Curtis Jackson,” validating the tactic he’s using in hopes of extricating himself from 50 Cent monetarily.

Young Buck previously said that 50 blocking his success is something that he’s always done to all the group members of G-Unit. “What I’m saying is that, you know, 50, I think, Imma just be honest, it seems like, wouldn’t allow nobody to become just as big as him or bigger than him. Honestly.” Buck shared this view on No Jumper podcast very recently, highlighting how he’s still dealing with 50 Cent’s toxic view of the world – which 50 has highlighted on his own Instagram.

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Now that the dire state of his finances have leaked due to amended and updated bankruptcy court documents obtained by Bossip, Young Buck has openly come out and asked his fans for assistance.

“Listen up world, I just seen in the headlines what they were saying, I only got $100 in my pocket, I only got $100 worth of clothes, $100 worth of jewelry — s–t like that,” said the rapper in a new video. “I figure now is the perfect time to go there and start a GoFundMe. Send me $1, that’s all I need. Just $1, man.”

The court documents show that he made a total of $35,000 from music, which is not enough to pay his $50,000+ tax lien and his $106,000 in child support.Young Buck took to his Instagram and posted his Cashapp nickname to facilitate easily allowing his fans to help him.

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