Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Fourth Person Now Facing Charges in ‘Sweetie Pies’ Robbie Montgomery Grandson, Andre Montgomery’s Case

The case that involves reality TV stars Miss Robbie Montgomery’s grandson Andre Montgomery’s death and his family’s involvement continues to produce new developments. The shocking tale seemed ripped from fiction but the alleged hit continues to have an impact on everyone.

James Timonty norman, the star of a family-centered Oprah Winfrey Network show Welcome to Sweetie Pies, was previously arrested on charges stemming from the 2016 passing of his nephew, 18-year-old Montgomery.

Affectionately known as “Miss Robbie,” the former Ikette turned her music into entrepreneurship and created the successful restaurant chain. Norman ran the chain and produced the show with his mother. Throughout the run of the show, Robbie also focused on raising her grandson Montgomery and keeping him out of trouble – with the help of his uncle Norman.

Montgomery was featured on the show throughout its run as well, due to Miss Robbie’s strong belief in family and supporting those who need help.

According to sources, Miss Robbie, when asked to make a statement in regard to Tim’s alleged involvement in the case of Andre Montgomery, replied via text to Real STL News. “Thanks For The Prayers, But At This Time I’m Weak And Can’t Make A Statement. Please Keep Praying For Me And My Son,” she reportedly text.

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Now, a fourth arrest has been made. In addition to Norman, insurance agent and Nellyville producer Waiel “Wally” Yaghnam, Terica Ellis and now Travell Anthony Hill have been arrested for the alleged attack. Apparently, Hill allegedly expected to receive $5,000 from Tim Norman just a couple of days after Andre Montgomery’s passing and there’s a recording that implicates him.

All four were conspiring to take the life of Ms. Robbie’s grandson, Andre Montgomery in an effort to collect $450,000 in life insurance money.

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