“Free Bill Cosby”: Rapper Boosie Badazz Ready To Fight Against The System And Have Bill Cosby Freed, Asks Fans To Start A ‘Free Bill Cosby’ Petition

Boosie has been asking a lot of favors of folks, whether it be billionaires or his fans on his Instagram. The rapper has infamously been in a one-sided battle with Instagram over his deleted account but now he’s asking people to get behind him on a petition to free the one and only Bill Cosby.

It wasn’t long ago that Boosie was promising a lawsuit against the CEO and Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and offering him $100K to get his account reinstated – alleging that he was being shadowbanned from the platform for making the wrong people upset.

Boosie thinks there’s a conspiracy against him since he infamously messed up Mark Zuckerberg’s real name, calling him “Mark Zuckinburger.” Appearing recently on DJ Vlad’s show, Boosie ripped into the Facebook CEO, leveling some damning charges.

“You didn’t get his name quite right,” says Vlad. “Yeah,” says Boosie before he gets very somber after previously appearing relaxed and joking. “And that done backfired bro, and he made some of my business ventures go down. So I’m suing him, I’m filing a lawsuit against him now,” said Boosie.

“What did he do to make your business ventures go down?” Boosie replies, “He stopped me off Instagram and he didn’t put me back on Instagram and that’s affecting my business.”

Boosie says that it was the first time his Instagram has ever been taken from him and noted that there were people who have violated Instagram’s rules repeatedly but are still allowed access to their accounts after their suspensions.

“I didn’t do nothing but post a girl with an emoji over her. This is discrimination,” said the rapper. “Something is wrong. Somebody must be mad because I said that name wrong and they’re trying to chastise me.”

Boosie then says that his “Black people are starting to tell” him that “Boosie, this man is a racist,” and that Zuckerberg “knows” that Boosie affects the “Black community and makes them smile every morning.” Boosie then turns the fact that because he makes apparently makes Black people “smile,” Zuckerberg is definitely not giving him his page back and claims he’s suing the billionaire for $20 million dollars.

A few months back, Boosie went viral for proposing creating a petition to “Free Bill Cosby” from his current sentence. The tweet got over 3,000 likes and almost 3,000 retweets. While at the time there was no response from Cosby, of course many found fault with Boosie because’s Bill’s charges are being served legally. Boosie thought it was a good idea.

Now, it seems as if the comedian is returning the favor from jail, creating his own movement on his Twitter account and calling it “Thank You Thursday.” The first person that the aging comedian thanked from jail was Boosie, two months after his tweet in support of Cosby.

“On this 10th day of December 2020…I will pay homage to those who have supported me and my family, simply by saying, thank you. The first person to be recognized on Thank You Thursday is Rapper @BOOSIEOFFICIAL,” Cosby’s tweet read.

“Thank you for your support & I’m praying for you to have a speedy recovery and for your mobility to be restored. Again, thank you very much. #ThankYouThursday #ThankYouBoosie #GetHealthyBoosie.”

It should be noted Cosby was aware that Boosie is recovering from being shot in his leg recently.

See the tweets below.

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