Future Baby Mamas Teamed Up and Took DNA Tests With Their Kids To Prove He’s The Rapper Is The Father

Rapper Future has a lot to look forward to in his future. He’s had tons of hits in his discography, platinum albums, and has even written hits for other artist. All of that monies that come from his successes, however, may funnel right towards the growing list of women who have been proven to be the mother of his children.

Future, real name Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, is the father of 8 children to 8 different women, which include R&B singer and his ex-fiancee Ciara, and Bow Wow’s ex-girl, Joie Chavis. The number happened to be 6 for a while, but that would expand when two women by the name of Eliza Reign and Cindy Parker made claims that the Atlanta rapper was their baby’s father.

With model Eliza Reign, real name Eliza Seraphin, she filed a paternity suit against the rapper after she alleges that he “ghosted” her following the birth of their daughter Reign, according to TMZ. The two would become embroiled in a highly contentious battle with Reign requesting for a judge to declare Future the father and demand that he take a paternity test.

Of her disdain for Future, Reign once explained on her Instagram Stories: “He came back around. We got cool. Hashed out the past. He made promises. Then disappeared again,” she wrote. I’m not running no n***a down to do what he’s supposed to do. So I finally decided to let the courts chase him instead.”

In another slide she added, “[To be honest] I really think he did this and forced my hand to make me look bad like this is what I had planned the whole time. I tried sooooooooo many times to make things right with him for the sake of lil mama. I didn’t want courts involved. I’ve never been into that. I was raised on the courts for police [expletive]. I was raised in & out of Juvy. I don’t wanna see a court room either,” she insists. “But at this point, it is what it is.”

After her, another Texas woman by the name of Cindy Renae Parker filed documents claiming that Future was the father of her son, Legend Ary Wilburn, according to another report from TMZ. Parker gave similar claims that Future ghosted her as well as she was making significant attempts to contact him to partake in a paternity test.

Well, it appears that the two women joined together and took a DNA test themselves, and it turns it their children are indeed siblings. A report from The Jasmine Brand details the women taking to social media to make the results public. “Based on testing results obtained from analysis of the DNA loci tested, the probability of half-siblingship is 99.999996%. The likelihood that they share a common biological parent is 30,462,556 to 1,” the results read, as shared by Cindy Parker.

In her Instagram Stories, Eliza got candid with her reveal. “Honesty hour,” she began. “I don’t know who tf my baby daddy is…But….I can confirm whoever it is also got [Cindy Parker] pregnant too! ISSA SMALL WORLD”

Peep the screenshots care of The Jasmine Brand below.

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