Future Calls Out Jay-Z After Rapper Makes Reference To ‘Russell Wilson Playing Football With His Son’ On 4:44 Album

Do you remember when Jay Z was a rapper? There was a time when Jay Z’s name was bandied about with the likes of Drake and Future – meaning that he was currently on the scene, making music and being the rap icon that he is. It’s been a minute since 4:44 came out but a resurfaced clip found that Future had beef with Jay over a line of his from that project.

Back when Sprint was still a company, Jay Z released the 4:44 album, his thirteenth, as part of an exclusive partnership between Sprint and Jay Z’s TIDAL. Of course, now Sprint is T-Mobile but back then, the release ruffled feathers for a number of reasons around its untraditional release.

The album found Jay Z matured and speaking on a number of topics, like hip-hop culture (in which the Future critique firmly resided), racism and even relationships. The album even featured Jay Z’s own mother, Gloria Carter, and was highly praised by critics. It was largely a more mature album from his earlier work, in which he talked about his time selling drugs and hustling.

Despite these accolades and more, people still have opinions on Jay Z’s career and storied life. Actor Faizon Love has taken aim at the rapper before on the Internet and his perceived lifestyle and did so again when he laid a lot of blame for the rappers who have come after him for glorifying the dangerous lifestyle he claimed to have lived.

Appearing on DJ Vlad’s VladTV, Love said, “I criticize him for it because it’s kinda his fault.” The comedian then went on to accuse Jay-Z of creating the ‘dealer’ culture that influences kids to do it.

Love also claimed to have inside information that proved Jay Z was a “puppet,” and was exasperated at the thought of Jay Z in a street fight.

Even with many examples of Jay’s authenticity, a rapper in the current generation called out the legend for a perceived slight in his song “K*ll Jay Z” from the 4:44 album – Future.

Future is one of the current industry’s biggest hip-hop stars, having many streaming and collaboration hits himself. While it seemed he, like many others, looked up to the rapper from New York, a resurfaced interview seems to show some hurt at being the offhand target of a Jay Z line.

“Never go Eric Benét,” rapped Jay on the song. “I don’t even know what you woulda done/ In the future other ni**as playin’ football with your son.” The line is a reference to the son that Future shares with ex-partner Ciara – who is now married to NFL Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

Though Future’s taken shots at his ex and her Christian Super Bowl-winning husband before, he didn’t particular seem pleased that one of the biggest rappers in the world had singled him out for “a hot line.”

“You supposed to be biggin’ up me,” he explained. “I come from the streets, you come from the streets…we’re supposed to give it no negative attention for a hot line that’s something that’s always gonna be out.”

See the clip below.

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