Future’s 7th Baby Mama Calls Out Rapper’s Absence, Plans To Bring 2-Yr-Old Daughter To Club To Visit Father Next Time They’re In Club Together

Rapper Future’s past keeps coming to haunt him in the present.  Go figure.  It’s no secret that the rapper and one of the many mothers of his children, Eliza Reign, have been embroiled in a nasty child support battle.  A recent posting from Reign on her Instagram Stories has many fans feeling that Future might have another problem on his hands after she said what she would do the next time the two happen to encounter one another. 

Future and Eliza Reign have been deep in court battles over their two-year-old daughter, Reign.  Following paternity testing (which proved, in our best Maury impression, that he IS the father) and much back and forth on social media, things would only get worse and not better. 

Lawsuits on top of lawsuits would pile up as the previous lovers continued to battle it out.  According to a report from The Blast, court documents showed Eliza alleging that Future “has never paid a penny in support for the minor child, and in fact is never even met the minor child.” 

Future and his team would soon propose and offer to pay $1,000 per month in child support and cover their daughter’s health insurance, according to PEOPLE, which Eliza rejected.  Future was then demanded to pay $3,200 per month, however, she is actively trying to get that amount increased. 

Radar Online has obtained new court documents that show Eliza is not giving up the fight to increase the monthly payments as she is now demanding that the court will force Future to be 100 percent transparent about the details of his financial status.  She is hoping that the court will have his recording contract with Sony Music revealed. 

As the battle rages on with seemingly no repair in sight, Eliza may have a pretty unconventional method of getting Future to spend time with their daughter, allowing her to have a much-needed break. Taking to Instagram, she shared on her stories that due to a common occurrence with running into Future in clubs, she’s got a solution. 

“This done happened to me way too many times,” she began.  “Next time I’m in the club and they announce my [baby’s daddy] just walked into the building, I’m going home to get Reign and dropping her off in the section.” 

She added, “Damn, I’m trying to chill with my Nigerian” along with a couple of laughing emojis.  The Neighborhood Talk captured her posting and shared it on their Instagram page, which led her to hop into the comment section to share that she was playing around.   

“It’s all jokes y’all,” she commented. 

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