“Gahhhhdamnnnn”: Rapper Nicki Minaj Debuts New Dress, Leaving Very Little To Imagination

Nicki Minaj is adding applied pressure as her hiatus is clearly over. The “Seeing Green” rapper just re-released her mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty with some new additions while fans await the follow-up to her Queen album. Until Minaj completes that album and decides to share the news of a release date, she’s getting her fans together with looks.

When it comes to fashion, the Queens rapper is fearless and always has been. Her bold looks have become the center of attention at many a red carpet, award show, or celebrity event. Even her hair has given fans a coronary at a time or two. Minaj’s star power is evidently strong enough that one of her latest pictures, which included pink crocs on her feet, caused the same footwear’s sales to shoot up astronomically.

Nicki would often step out in costumey apparel at events, donning the “barbie” look coupled with vibrant colorful looks and wigs. Her fans continued to “live” for their queen even when she began to pull back to give more refined and reserved looks in comparison. Either way, Minaj would find herself on somebody’s “best dressed” list.

Recently, the singer took some time off of social media to concentrate on her mental health. “It was soooo needed for me. I appreciate u guys so much for waiting. But yea, very much needed that zen for important bonding time w|my son, getting back fluid w|writing & smthn else I don’t want to discuss yet. If u know u know. [praying emoji] (sic)”

This is not the first time that the rapper has chosen to come off social media in order to protect her mental health. Back in September of 2018, she interviewed with Vogue Arabia for their cover story on the “Barbie Dreams” rapper where she discussed not only fashion and music, but her mental health as it goes hand in hand with her career.

 “I think that anybody who says they don’t care about the horrible things being said about them or lies being spread, is not being truthful,” Nicki stated. “I’m a human being and, yes, of course it bothers me when I read horrendous things about myself.”

The rapper also shared that she was thankful that some of her outlandish fashion choices prior to her toning down her looks didn’t get her canceled.  “Sometimes I’m happy that my career didn’t end back then because there are some things I look back on and cringe, cringe, cringe,” said Minaj to the publication. “I remember when people were wearing three different socks, of different colors. I did that! I also did the neon biking shorts, trying to be fashionable. I was crazy!”

Nicki may have been “crazy”, but she was also daring. And with her 2021 return as a new mom, the rapper is back to being bold and is not letting anything or anyone slow her down. Take a recent pic of the rapper as she squatted on a rock in some mesh heels and a yellow-swirl dress. Fans immediately praised the rapper as her outfit accentuated her body effortlessly while she exudes confidence.

“She’s back!!!!!!! Doing what needs to be DONEEE,” commented one of her Barbz. “You ain’t have to do us like that, Queen,” wrote another while another fan complained about “OUR NECKS” referring to her applying the pressure.

In another post, Nicki dons an all-blue look from head to toe with a long flowing ponytail. “Looking like a dream, so incredibly proud of you Nicki,” a fan wrote underneath the picture.

Nicki’s posts on Instagram have easily garnered millions of likes as she’s currently sitting at over 137 million followers. Her latest offering to the social media sphere is a Chun-Li-inspired look, as she dons orange hair and a revealing skin-tight dress. Over 4.5 million followers were sent into a frenzy as they liked the post and over 108,000 comments flooded her mentions.

“Whew it’s the effortless PRESSURE for me,” writes a fan of Minaj. “LET THE WIG SNATCHERY BEGIN! #ReignHasBegun,” comments another.

Safe to say, Nicki’s reign isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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