Garcelle Beauvais Reveals She Was Unsuccessful Getting Jamie Foxx ‘Aroused’ Claims Actor Couldn’t ‘Get It Up’ While Intimate On Set

If there is one thing Jamie Foxx does not have an issue with, is attracting all kinds of women.  The actor has been the apple of many ladies’ eyes ever for years, perhaps growing increasingly as his sitcom, The Jamie Foxx Show, aired weekly on television.  But this bit of news that actress Garcelle Beauvais has shared about Foxx may leave some ladies disappointed to hear that he may have a bit of a “dysfunction” in one of their favorite departments. 

Just like “Martin and Gina” played by Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell-Martin in real life, and other famous television couples that shared impeccable onscreen chemistry, fans have always wondered about “Jamie and Fancy”.  Their undeniable chemistry often led fans to wonder if the two were dating in real life. 

The onscreen couple, who in turn are real-life friends, spoke on their “relationship” while on her podcast, Going To Bed With Garcelle, and let’s just say the details were pretty on the NSFW side.  As she is the newest host of The Real, of course, her co-hosts asked her to pour out some extra tea. 

“Listen, we have such a great friendship,” began Beauvais. “When we were doing ‘The Jamie Foxx Show’ we sort of had a pact, like, we’re not going to date while we’re working together. So, two weeks before we were done with our 100th episode, which was amazing in itself, I got engaged and he’s like, ‘You couldn’t wait two weeks?’” 

Garcelle then went on to admit that even though the two share an amazing friendship, she feels that had they crossed the line it more than likely would have affected the way that they are now.  However, after Beauvais shared the intimate information about the size of Foxx’s unmentionables, the ladies wouldn’t let her off that easy. 

Cover your ears children… or eyes.  The hot seat got a little hotter. 

The question was asked.  Beauvais then answered, “We did 100 episodes right? Every now and then, he’d have to rip off a pair of pants, or do some comedic act or whatever, however you want to say it. And, it came out honey, it rolled out,” she revealed. 

Of course, this type of information would arouse or at the very least pique the interest of many women.  But according to a conversation that Beauvais had while appearing on the TV Guide Channel talk show Hollywood Girls Night, Foxx had a “hard” time getting aroused. 

“He couldn’t get up,” she confessed. “Well he got up, but he couldn’t ‘get up’.”  Admittedly, she said that Jamie would “kill her” for relaying that information as they laughed.  With that, Garcelle also shared that she doesn’t find it a problem when her onscreen partner gets aroused while filming the scene.  “You’re human, so you’re gonna get aroused,” she confessed. 

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