Gayle King Face Criticized After Revealing Her Plans Of Banning Unvaxxed Family From Thanksgiving Dinner

The 14+ month quarantine may be over, but the COVID pandemic appears to be far from over. The new Delta variant has been widening the gap between those vaccinated and unvaccinated, with many falling ill in recent weeks. In a push to get more people protected, Dr. Fauci stopped by CBS Morning Show where he talked to Gayle King about the severity of this new strain. To drive home the point, King made some comments that lead some to criticize her stance and poke fun at her.

The staff at Missouri’s Mercy Hospital Springfield has been one of the first affected by the rise in new cases. According to their staff, their physicians on the floors are “pretty tired.” They are said to be working almost daily, some working full weeks at a time, in addition to extra hours being put in by care providers. Erik Frederick, the hospital’s chief administrative officer, told Yahoo News, “This surge, we know it’s being driven by that lack of acceptance. There’s a layer of frustration there as well, because this could be prevented, and although it’s not a large number, every single patient that dies is a tragedy because it was preventable.”

For the first time since the early spring, the CDC is predicting that an increase in hospitalizations across the country is eminent. Making this worst is the amount of people still not vaxxed. Most at risks are young people. Dr. Mark Siedner, an infectious disease clinician at Mass General Hospital, told CBS “What we’re seeing is an extremely aggressive variant – the delta variant – which is probably 50% more contagious, more severe, potentially even more severe in younger people, doing its best to return us to yesteryear.”

Anthony Stephen Fauci is the American physician/scientist and immunologist who sits as the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the chief medical advisor to the president. He stopped by CBS’s Morning Show and spoke with Gayle King about the importance of people getting vaccinated.

King chimed in with her own opinion, telling Fauci that she is very serious and scared about the virus. So much so that she is making it a point to block certain family members from Thankgiving vacation if they refuse to get vaxxed. Social media took the chance to make fun of King, joking that “the food may not be that good”. Another one chimed in “Don’t nobody wanna be over there no way”. Check out their exchange below.

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