‘Get A F–ing Job’: 50 Cent Blasts His Son’s Mother, Shaniqua Tompkins After Stopping Her From Making Money Off His Name

Once 50 Cent starts a beef, prepare yourself to be committed in a lifelong battle with the petty king himself.  Curtis Jackson, 50’s real name, will go to no end in beef, and it has been proven time and time again. The rapper has been known to engage in beef with various rappers, including Ja Rule and Irv Gotti, as well as a few other entertainers in Hollywood.  One of the most gut-wrenching instances, however, that he’s been embroiled in for years is between his first-born son, Marquise, and his mother Shaniqua Tompkins.   

It is no secret that the relationship between 50 and his son has been nothing short of contentious, which is heartbreaking as the two once shared a very close father/son relationship.  As the battle continued to spill over into the public, 50 would be seen saying horrific things toward his child, wild accusations would fly rampant back and forth between each party. 

Tompkins, seemingly eager to make a name for herself outside of just being widely known as 50’s baby’s mother, was announced to be a cast member on a reality show along with another well known baby momma to a rap superstar, Carmen Bryan.   

Bryan, the ex-girlfriend to Nas, was allegedly collaborating with Tompkins on a show according to a report from The Hip-Hop Socialite that was set to “be filmed in New York and Los Angeles,” as told by Carmen.  “It’s a show based on urban women in business empowering one another,” Bryan said. 

Once 50 caught wind of that, he apparently was not having it as he wrote in a since-deleted social media post that Tompkins needed to “Get a f*****g job.”  He added, “I own your life rights reality TV is a no-go. l don’t know what to tell you, oh go shake your new fake a** over at club Angels,” PEOPLE reports, insinuating that he pulled the plug on her reality-tv dreams. 

In another instance, Tompkins posted a message in her Instagram stories, and although not directly mentioning the Queens rapper, he took offense.  “A n—a with money don’t mean s**t,” she wrote as captured by The Jasmine Brand. “Ronald McDonald rich as f–k but still a clown.”  50 captured her message and shared to his main Instagram page, calling Tompkins a “bitter old b***h.” 

He repeated his sentiments of telling Tompkins to “get a job” while promoting an episode of Power which he directed.  In the post, 50 shares that over the years he’s paid Shaniqua over $1.3 million in support “to offer him opportunities I never had”, but now they were left to fend on their own as she should “get a job.” 

TMZ caught up with Tompkins, who had a few words directed towards 50. While smiling she says, “He doesn’t have the power that he claims he has.  He’s just mad because I don’t want to be with him, and he knows that I’m the only one that was there from the beginning that can expose who he really is. He’s scared, he’s frightened.” 

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