‘Girlfriends’ Actor Reggie Hayes aka William Hospitalized Over Heart Complications After Suffering Heart Attack Back In 2017

Fans of Girlfriends have been rejoicing since the series has resurfaced on the streaming platform Netflix on September 11th.  The stars of the show reunited to celebrate the show’s re-emergence, and fans also have been checking in to see what the actors have been doing as of late, including wondering if the show will come back for a conclusion after the show’s creator Mara Brock-Akil has reportedly secured a massive deal with Netflix.  One of the show’s actors, Reggie Hayes, is in the news for unfortunate reasons and has a message for 2020 as well.  

Old fans and new fans alike have been rediscovering the sitcom as “Joan” (played by Tracee Ellis Ross), “Toni” (Jill Marie Jones), “Maya” (Golden Brooks), and “Lynn” (Persia White), as well as “William”, played by Hayes, have been back on television screens.  The show emerged on Netflix on it’s 20th Anniversary. 

Girlfriends highlighted the lives of young Black women juggling their lives, career, and love lives while living in Los Angeles and being g successful.  “William” was a close male friend to the girls, before dating Joan for a stint on the show, and then ultimately marrying “Monica”, played by Keesha Sharp.

Fans have been left in the balance since the show’s untimely cancellation in 2008.  The final episode left fans on a cliffhanger, due to the final episodes being recorded before the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike.  On February 13, 2008, the series’s network “The CW” announced that a proper series finale wouldn’t be produced, due to it being “too expensive”.  

While old and new fans binged the show, news that Hayes unexpectedly landed in the hospital over the weekend.  The “Girlfriends” actor shared a selfie in a hospital bed wearing a mask and hospital gown, with the caption “F—you 2020. Its just one step forward and two steps back this year.”  With the world dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, many assumed that the actor was admitted to the hospital due to contracting the coronavirus.  However, it’s being reported that the 51-year old checked himself into the hospital due to issues with his heart.  

Co-star Jill Marie Jones commented under the picture to offer well wishes to Hayes saying, “sending LOTS OF LOVE and prayers your way.”  Hayes stepped in to reply to Jones, confirming that he was going to be ok, saying “No, not Covid it [sic] my heart. I’ll be ok though.”

It’s also being reported that this isn’t the first of the actor’s heart complications, as the actor, unfortunately, suffered a heart attack back in 2017. 

The actor has reportedly since checked out of the hospital and returned home.  Fans have been sending well wishes the actor’s way as he continues to recover.  “Reggie!!! Support and hugs to you” writes one user under the photo as another commented “I’m watching Girlfriends and this was the first post I see on Instagram…I will pray and continue to pray for God’s healing and comfort for you… peace and blessings.”

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