Gorilla Glue Girl, Tessica Brown Announces Her Pregnancy, Reveals Her and Fiancé Are Expecting First Child Together

Tessica Brown has more good news to celebrate in 2021. The viral sensation, better known as Gorilla Glue Girl, is expecting a new baby only a few weeks after being freed from her “hair hell”. The Louisana mom of five is excepting the child with her fiance of almost a year Dewitt Madison.

Her manger, Gina Rodriguez hit up TMZ with the news. The popular gossip blog has been front and center since the beginning of Brown’s journey. They were the first to share her story after it began trending on Tiktok. Her original video had already amassed a million views. In it, Brown explained to friends why her hair had been the same for over a month. Instead of her normal hair gel, she used extra strength industrial adhesive. Her hair had not moved in over a month.

Brown took social media and the headlines by storm with her tragic hair story. While many hospitals and doctors in Louisiana could not help her, Beverly Hills based doctor Dr. Michael Obeng came to her rescue. The doctor created a remedy to help break Brown out of her hair prison. TMZ was present for the full procedure and her recovery.

In the time since, Obeng was able to come to Brown’s rescue yet again, when discovering that she had lumps in her breast during a pre-op appointment for a “mommy makeover”. While those lumps proved to be non-cancerous, they did help save Brown some money. The mommy didn’t know she’d be pregnant soon after and would not need the “makeover” for maybe another year or so.

Brown and her fiancé Madison have been engaged since last June and together for a year. However, the two reportedly dated years ago. She showed off her boo in an instagram post saying “When it’s real nothing or nobody can come between it somebody said y’all was was looking for him HEA HE GO LOL BUT FRFR THATS BAE RIGHT THERE”.

She took to her instagram to share the good news. “Blessed” she captioned the repost of her TMZ cover page.

“Make sure you don’t put gorilla glue in the baby’s hair” read the first comment. Tessica Brown has five children from her previous relationship, and her fiancé, Dewitt Madison has four children, making it 10 children combined.

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