Gorilla Glue Girl, Tessica Brown Claims Her GoFundMe Funds Are Being Held, Currently Under Investigation

The Tessica Brown sage continues. “Gorilla Glue Girl” has gone from viral sensation to investigation today as the funds donated to helping her find relief are currently being tied up due to reports against her GoFundMe account. Unfortunate news in light of the fact that she had big plans to donate a large portion of those funds.

While she’s since been freed from his hair prison, after an excruciating few weeks, new troubles have come up and are looking to keep her in the spotlight a bit longer.

Gorilla Glue Girl initially went viral on Tiktok with a video explain why she’d had the same hair style for over a month thanks to substituting Gorilla Glue for her usual hair gel.

The internet quickly swooped in, as did TMZ, and documented her progress as she went from home remedies to hospital suggestions, and eventually was flown out to LA to receive help from Dr. Michael Obeng. The $12000 experimental procedure was a success and performed free of charge by Obeng.

Despite his generous offer, Brown did have the funds to cover the procedure, as she had managed to raise over $23k in a GoFundMe campaign that saw an outpouring of support for people trying to help her find relief.

In light of the free procedure, Brown decided to pay it forward and had plans to donate a large amount of the funds raised to Obeng’s Restore Foundation, which helps with restorative surgeries for people in developing countries.

Speaking with the New York Post today via video, Brown revealed that the funds are currently being help up, due to a large amount of people reporting her campaign as fraudulent.

“They won’t even release it to me because that many people have called and said it was a fraudulent account,” Brown said during the Zoom interview. “Every time you look at it, it says it’s under investigation.” 

Brown had initially only asked for $1,500 to help cover hospital fees, but supports went above and beyond for the Louisiana woman. She’s managed to lock in celebrity management and a merch line that’s helped cement her finances, which is why she is no longer in need of the money and wanted to do something good with it.

“I’m like, ‘We can donate to Dr. Obeng’ … and the rest of that, I’m going to donate it to three families in St. Bernard Parish,” she told the interviewer. That’s going to be pretty upsetting because who are y’all to say, you know, this was a fraudulent account? For one, Dr. Obeng brought me from St. Bernard Parish to Hollywood, like I seen the sign, to take this out of my head, like this man didn’t have to do none of this.” 

GoFundMe told the New York Post that they are currently talking with Brown and trying to sort things out. The said the intend for the funds have to be clearly displayed on the campaign and that is the reason for the hold up.


The New York Post has reported, GoFundMe is no longer investigating Tessica Brown. “The GoFundMe Trust & Safety team has released the funds and they should be on their way to Tessica,” a spokesperson for the website wrote.

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