Gorilla Glue Girl, Tessica Brown Debuts New Hair Do, Social Media Begs Her To Let Her Scalp Rest After Glue Removal

Gorilla Glue Girl may have unstuck her hair, but she’s not looking to get detached from the spotlight she’s gained anytime soon.

Its been a traumatic few weeks for Tessica Brown, who went viral on TikTok with a video explaining why she hadn’t changed her hairdo in a few weeks. If you recall, she had run out of her go-to hair gel, and decided to use some extra strength Gorilla Glue instead to achieve her desired look. What she accomplished instead was becoming the biggest meme of the year.

Everyone’s followed along for the process, watching her try different techniques to no avail. Shampoos, goo gone and acetone did nothing for the bulletproof do.

TMZ caught wind of the story, and shortly after, a doctor in Beverly Hills decided to fly her out and try a procedure he had created just for her. A $12000 operation that he did free of charge.

Videos of her last Friday showed the doc had been successful, freeing Brown from her hair prison. She told reporters that she was ready to go home and relax after such a long ordeal.

Well now she’s showing off a new do and unveiling what she plans to do with the over $20k she had raised via a Go Fund Me from supporters who were hoping to help her find a solution.

Her new slick back do was a Valentine’s Day gift to herself. TMZ reports she went early Sunday morning to Below Zero shop in Violet, Louisiana and got a free haircut from a barber friend of hers. She’s also received free hair products for different companies trying to cash in on her 15 mins of fame, including Got2b Glued, which is the original hair gel she had ran out of when she reached for the industrial adhesive.

Brown plans on donating a portion of the money she raised to The Restoration Fund, which provides reconstructive surgery services for people around the world. She says she will leave her hair alone for 6 weeks, after which she’ll return to wigs and alternatives styles.

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