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Gorilla Glue Girl, Tessica Brown Launches Merchandise Line Following Glue Removal Process

Tessica Brown’s life has changed.  Over the last month, the 40-year old Louisiana woman’s real-life was much like an unscripted social media reality show.  Brown became synonymous with “Gorilla Glue Girl” after she took to social media to seek help due to her hair being stuck in the same position for a month after applying the adhesive to her scalp.

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This week things began to look up for Brown.  Thankfully an angel came her way by the name of Dr. Michael Obeng who offered to perform the strenuous surgery, free of charge.  The Ghanaian-born Harvard Medical School graduate had Brown flown to Los Angeles where the 4-hour surgery took place.

“Surgery went well,” Obeng said as reported by the New York Post. “She had a lot of irritation on the scalp, especially the edges of her head because of all the chemicals.”  Obeng added that Brown was “very, very lucky that she did not sustain a lot of injuries to her scalp. This type of ordeal is no joke.”

If that wasn’t enough, the blessings continued to pour in for Brown as comedian and co-host of The Real Loni Love announced she would be gifting Brown with a custom made wig.  “We know as black women how hard it is, our hair is so important,” Love said in a clip aired by NBC Boston. “I’m one of the few black women — me and I think Whoopi Goldberg — [who] actually wear our hair in braids or locks because traditionally it has been known to be unprofessional.” 

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She continued, “But the times are changing. So I totally have empathy for Tessica and I want to help. I’m offering to gift her a wig. I have a wonderful wig maker, who will make a wig of her styling.

Earlier this week a GoFundMe was set up by Tessica after the debacle, although the exact details of why are unknown.  Brown had initially set up a goal of fundraising $1,500, that amount has been surpassed.  The account is now sitting at over $20,000. 

Brown has also gained management since the ordeal.  According to her Instagram bio, she is being managed by Gina Rodriguez, an executive producer and talent manager.  Brown is also using this tragedy to make some coins for herself, as she has launched official merchandise.

The new line of merchandise will feature T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants labeled “Bonded for Life”.  Brown is selling it on her website “tessicamerch.com”  

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While she is looking to turn a “tough situation” around, her supporters have been critical of Brown’s venture.  “Folks will do anything for money .. and she prime example,” commented one user on The Shade Room’s post.  Another writes, “Nahhh one black business I will not support.”   One user shared that “It was funny and interesting but not $30 funny and interesting na,” along with a crying emoji.

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