Thursday, September 23, 2021

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“Jesus! What in the World!”: Grandma Goes Viral After Being ‘Horrified’ By An Image Of Rapper Lil Wayne

Tiktok has birthed an insane list of funny challenges and viral memes. From the silhouette change to the buss it challenge and so on. One trend that has become increasingly popular is users having older family members rate younger artists based on appearance.

Snoop Dogg reposted a video this week of an older woman rating rappers for her granddaughter. In the video, grandma can be seen looking at a host of big named artists that appear on the screen behind her, giving their looks a number from 1-10. Grandma wasn’t too enthused with many of them, although she lost it when Snoop popped up. “15!” she yelled out, obviously familiar with Snoop Dogg and finding him attractive. The others however, did not fair so well.

The video kicked off with Da Baby, who grandma calmly gave a 1. When Lil Durk came up she dropped down to a zero. Her granddaughter was clearly upset and a fan of Durk’s proclaiming, “Grandma no! This is my boyfriend. Why would you do that?” Grandma stuck by her answer and continued to say zero.

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A smiling picture of Lil Baby fair better, Grandma said thanks to his dimples he scored a 5.

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A grinning Lil Uzi Vert got a swift zero however as quick as he popped on screen.

Durk’s “Laugh Now Cry Later” collaborator Drake was rated a 2, but grandma made it clear she wasn’t a fan of his either. “I dont, like him. He think he cute” she said.

Next up, Kodak Black, who was smiling with his signature hair showing off his grill. “Oh lord have mercy, zero.” said Grandma.

It was when rap legend Lil Wayne came on the screen that she was clearly taken aback. “Oh my god!” she shouted. “Minus zero!” she rated the rapper. Lil Wayne appeared smiling with sunglasses and his signature disheveled blonde dreads.

“Minus zero!” proclaimed her granddaughter, “Thats not even a number.”

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Grandma’s horrified reaction continued however as she yelled out “Jesus! What in the world!”

Grandma isn’t the first to be horrified by Lil Wayne. The rappers appears has gained a lot of criticism over the years. Lil Wayne has a face full of tattoos that have become synonymous with his brand. From the “I am music” above his eyebrow to the teardrops below his eyes. He’s know for rocking iced out teeth and in recent years has dyed his hair blonde and seems to just allow it to do what it wants.

Check out Grandmas shocked reaction and ratings below.

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