Grieving Widow Finds Out Husband Was Cheating After Mistress Arrives For Her Portion Of His Life Insurance Policy

Tragedy has struck a family in Italy as a wife and her young son are now grieving the untimely loss of a husband and father.  The wife, however, is discovering some things about her newly deceased husband that’s making this already terrible situation that much more tragic. 

The unnamed woman was away on a work trip when she returned to the unfortunate news of her husband’s death.  The 39-year-old also unnamed man from Turin, the capital city of Piedmont in Italy, met up in a car accident. What’s more unfortunate is that she learned that he had been unfaithful to her.  Italy newspaper La Stampa reports that her husband’s mistress was the one who received the call of his death as his wife had been away at the time.  The mistress was who police asked to identify the body.  When the wife returned to town, not only had she discovered news of the affair, but met the mistress as well. 

But oh, it gets worse!  If this heartbreaking news of her husband no longer being alive as well as the discovery of a mistress was not enough, enter the mistress’s lawyer to bring another disruptive blow.  La Stampa reports that her lawyer, Gino Arnone, convinced the insurance company that issued the husband’s life insurance policy that the mistress should also be able to receive a payment. 

Arnone claims that the husband had significant plans to spend the rest of his life with his mistress.  She also maintained that she also had rights as being considered the husband’s relative being that she spent a significant amount of time with him.  The mistress claims that she would spend three days a week with the husband while he would spend the remaining four with his wife and young son, The Daily reports.  Both women reportedly received a life insurance payout, as the mistress was entitled to an out-of-court settlement agreement.  While the amount has not been disclosed, it is said to have been a “considerable” payout. 

Another similar case happened which went viral on Reddit of another woman who lost her to a car accident in the midst of their divorce being finalized.  According to a report by 7News Australia, the husband had a mistress for four years and left his wife four months before passing.    “My husband cheated on me and moved out four months ago,” wrote the wife in the now-viral Reddit post.  “I’m still the beneficiary on his life insurance, his investment accounts – everything. And none of our assets were even split yet.” 

The wife went on to share that the mistress showed up at her front door demanding half of the assets as well as revealing that she was pregnant.  With her husband being cremated as per his wishes, and no other known living family, there was no “formal way for her to get a child tested for paternity (if the child even exists).”  The difference, however, was the mistress felt as though she was entitled, but the wife knew her legal rights.  “I’m also not legally obligated to provide anything for this supposed child,” the wife added in the post.  The mistress refused to leave prompting the wife to call authorities to have her removed from the premises. 

“While I’m sad my husband died, I stopped loving him after the betrayal,” she added. ”But I’m definitely financially much more secure now.” 

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