Guerilla Glue Girl, Tessica Brown Launches Her Own Hair Care Line With Glue That Holds ‘Forever’ & Edge Control

Guerilla Glue Girl is not going to let her viral moment go to waste. Tessica Brown has been busy racking up every coin possible since her hair mishap earlier this year made her a now iconic meme. After her Tiktok took the world by storm, Brown got a team together that helped her make so much money off merch, she was able to donate all the money originally raised on GoFundMe to help her find a resolution to her hair hell. Well now she’s looking to keep the new cash flow coming, with her own line of hair care products.

Gorilla Glue Girl initially went viral on Tiktok with a video explain why she’d had the same hair style for over a month, thanks to substituting Gorilla Glue for her usual hair gel. The internet quickly swooped in, as did TMZ, and documented her progress as she went from home remedies to hospital suggestions, and eventually was flown out to LA to receive help from Dr. Michael Obeng. The $12000 experimental procedure was a success and performed free of charge by Obeng.

Despite his generous offer, Brown did have the funds to cover the procedure, as she had managed to raise over $23k in a GoFundMe campaign that saw an outpouring of support from people trying to help her find relief. In light of the free procedure, Brown decided to pay it forward and had plans to donate a large amount of the funds raised to Obeng’s Restore Foundation, which helps with restorative surgeries for people in developing countries.

Brown had initially only asked for $1,500 to help cover hospital fees, but supporters went above and beyond for the Louisiana woman. She’s managed to lock in celebrity management and a merch line that’s helped cement her finances, which is why she is no longer needed the money and wanted to do something good with it.

Well now her and her team and looking to make even more money, with the announcement of her new hair care line. The line is called Forever Hair, an obvious reference to her now famous hair do. Via their website, you can purchase her extra hold hair gel, hair growth serum, and of course her merchandise featuring a screenshot from her famous tiktok.

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