Halle Berry & Suge Knight Secret Past Relationship Revealed By Death Row Producer After Finding Love Letters Written By Actress

Halle Berry and Suge Knight apparently had a secret fling. The two’s love has remained a secret up until now. Revealed by Curtis “Kurt Kobane” Couthon (Death Row Producer and Manager), the news has sent shock waves across the web as many people were unaware of the two ever being an item. Both Berry and Knight have had some high profile relationships throughout their careers, but this certainly will go down as the most interesting.

Halle was trending over the last few days for her new haircut, debuted at the 2021 Oscars. The disheveled cut had everyone clowning the Oscar winning actress, who got in on the joke later admitting that the haircut was a “fake” in an Instagram post showing off her longer locks. In sure she was hoping for a shift in news topics but i’m sure this was not what she had in mind. While news of Berry and Knights relationship are brand new to the world, the star is no stranger to being in the spotlight because of her love life.

Berry clapped back at fans coming for her love life a couple weeks ago after one in particular told her “With all of your accomplishments, fame, beauty, it seems, as if, you CAN’T keep a man” under one of her Instagram posts. In the post she was addressing unfair expectations against women. “women don’t owe you sh*t” said an image with the caption “& that’s on mary had a little lamb”.

Berry did not back down and quickly defended herself. “Who said I wanted to keep them? I’m all about living your best life, if you make a wrong move, course correct and re-spin and start again!” she responded. “Who says I wanna keep the wrong man? cuz…..I don’t.” she continued. Berry has been famously Linked to David Justice, Eric Benét, Kevin Coster and Shemer Moore to name a few.

Sure Knight has been linked to several high profile women as well, from Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes to Michel’’le. Mina Hylton-Brim and Bernice Burgos also join the list. Halle Berry is the latest name added to his list. Speaking on the pair, Couthon opened up about their secret love and the letters they sent each other.

“You’ve gotta understand who Suge Knight was at this time,” he said. “He was a young dude, millionaire plus, so he had access to all the Hollywood women. There was love letters that we found after Suge went to jail when he wanted us to clear out certain things, there was love letters from Halle Berry. I seen those love letters. I seen Halle Berry at the studio, I just didn’t know what she was there for. She was into him at the time.”

Watch more of his interview below.

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