“He Told Me I Was Weak”: Bernie Mac’s Daughter Reveal Toxic Relationship With Father Has Affected Her Marriage

Bernie Mac has left a lasting impression on the comedy world and Hollywood at large. The late comedian is most known for his television family, with several of the kids going on to have their own respective careers post show. Most do not recall that Mac also had his own children, with his daughter recently speaking out on her late dad and his harsh parenting skills.

Actress Camille Winbush starred as “Vanessa Thomkins” aka “Nessa” on the popular early 2000s sitcom The Bernie Mac Show. The 30-year old is all grown up now and recently got some flack from fans after joining popular site onlyfans. The platform is know most for its adult content, with many assuming she’d be taking that approach and noting that her TV dad would not approve. In a post announcing her joining the site, she said “Yes, you heard that right. I have joined OF! But I’m doing it my way,” she wrote as she began to explain her decision to her followers. “I’ll be saying the things I really want to say, singin’ & dancing, and sharing exclusive content.”

She went on to add that she’d be sharing skin care routines, answering Q&A with fans and other exclusive content. She later told fans that she was not desperate for money and that Bernie would not be “turning over in his grave” because of her decision to join the platform.

While Winbush is busy keeping the public intrigued, her TV brother has opted to stray away from the spotlight. Jeremy Suarez played Jordan on the sitcom. The young actor found it difficult getting work following the series. In an interview with Comedy X Hype he talks about how child labor laws in Hollywood made him a less appealing actor at an time where he appeared to be high school age. “It was a little bit rough because I was in this age bracket where I was…I looked like lower to middle-high school age,” he said. “But at that age, they would much rather hire somebody who’s like 19 to play that age because they don’t have child actor laws.”

Because of this, Suarez opted to step away from acting and got into construction and other “regular jobs”.

His real life daughter has been speaking out on dad’s rough parenting. Je’Niece McCullough opened up on the 13th anniversary of his death. “I think it’s important (to discuss) so people can understand he was a mere mortal and his celebrity didn’t exempt him from making and growing from mere mortal mistakes.” She said his “iron fist” parenting made it hard for her in her marriage. She realized she was “walking on eggshells” with her husband. She said he’d frequently call her “weak” for not fighting back in school. They were able to reconcile before his death.

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