Hot Boy Turk Insists Donald Trump Did More For Black People Than Barack Obama, Says Obama Did Nothing For Hip Hop

Louisiana rapper Turk caught some heat last summer for tweeting that former President Donald Trump’s administration had done more for Black people than the Obama administration did. In a recent interview with VladTV, the Hot Boys alumni stood by his opinion while talking about Trump’s decision to pardon Lil Wayne, Kodak Black, and Michael “Harry-O” Harris.

At the 3:30 mark of the interview Turk stated “I never said that I agree with Democrats or Republicans, but I deal with the facts and not feelings. Once again, Donald Trump’s administration have did more for Blacks than [the] Obama administration. He just pardoned Lil Wayne, commuted Kodak Black, Michael Harris from Death Row, and a few more people — Black folks. That’s facts, right? Did Obama do that? Did Obama make news for doing something for Hip Hop? Hip Hop is us. It’s the community.”

Turk feels the media has positioned Trump in a bad light and are choosing to dislike him. He also pointed out how the media used to support and spotlight Trump prior to his presidency, and that Trump’s history of being an “expert” business man made him an ideal fit for President.

“I think the media paint a picture and they be looking for the fall guy,” he said. “I do my research and my research shows me different from what they paint. I’m not controlled by other people’s opinion. I do my own research and I come to my own conclusion.”

“Before Trump was president, everybody wanted to be Donald Trump,” he lamented. “Everybody was dropping his name, name-dropping. So what’s the difference from him being a president and him being Donald Trump before he was the president? He’s the same man. And America is a business. He’s a businessman. Who else you need to run America? An expert who’s in business.”

After talking about his feelings that President Joe Biden would eventually be moved out in favor of Vice President Kamala Harris, Turk stated he wasn’t shocked by Trump pardoning Lil Wayne after his former labelmate publicly showed his support for the former president. He supported Wayne for risking public outcry rather than snitch to avoid his legal issues and jail time. He and said, “He’s a businessman and he took care of his business.”

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