‘I Am The New Harriet Tubman’: Rapper Nicki Minaj Dragged After Comparing Herself To Rosa Parks & Harriet Tubman

Have you ever sat and thought to yourself, “Nicki Minaj reminds me so much of Harriet Tubman”?  No?  Well, it appears that the rapper herself thinks so.  Nicki Minaj has had some pretty significant quotables throughout her esteemed career.  But she might have overstepped with some comments she’s made concerning the historical abolitionist.

The Queen era for Minaj was not a smooth ride at all.  The album made its debut on the Billboard charts at number two, angering the “Barbie Dreams” rapper.  While it sold a respectable 185,000 equivalent album units, it wasn’t enough to knock Travis Scott’s Astroworld album off of the number one spot.  Instead of accepting the reality, Minaj took to Twitter with an excuse-heavy rant.

Minaj took aim at Spotify as well as Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner, and their daughter Stormi.  Unconvinced that the public has placed enough respect on her name, she then took it a step further and dragged Tubman’s name into the mix. 

“All the QUEENS I remember, SHOOK S**T UP!!!!!!!! Queen of the week may go to HARRIET TUBMAN!!!!!!” she tweeted. “Had she just sat there & ate her rice, you n****z history would’ve been a lot less triumphant.” Her comments would swiftly begin trending on Twitter, upon which Nicki kept going concerning Tubman. 

She tweeted, “Y’all I had no idea Harriet Tubman was now trending. I said what I said. #QueenRadio will honor her tmrw. She said she could’ve rescued more slaves had they known they were slaves. I fought for streaming services to count toward billboard when alotta n***z stayed quiet.”

Twitter immediately erupted with backlash towards Nicki for her wild comparison.  The comments weren’t enough to stop Minaj, however, who went to the VMAs shortly after the debacle and made a bold declaration caught by TMZ cameras.  “I am the new Harriet Tubman,” the rapper said when asked about her Twitter statements. She then decided that she was perhaps the reincarnation saying,  “No, no, I am Harriet Tubman. Leave me alone.”

Minaj’s Queen Radio on Apple Music would be the platform where she would try to explain herself, but it would only incense social media.  “You know how many bullets I’ve taken for you [MFs] to get streaming to count on Billboard?” said Minaj on the show. “You [MFs] is getting streaming because somebody took that bullet, because somebody was brave enough.”

She then not only brings Tubman up again, but also begins to compare herself to another historical woman, Rosa Parks.  “I don’t mind taking that hit,” she continued. “Harriet Tubman had to shake s**t up; Rosa Parks had to shake s**t up.  Rosa Parks probably had the worst day of her life when she said, ‘No, enough is enough.’ And y’all might laugh and say, ‘She’s comparing herself to Harriet Tubman.’ Man, f**k you—I am going to compare myself to strong, black queens.”

Without a doubt, social media was laced with hilarious memes and criticism towards Minaj’s daring comparisons.  Check out a few of them below.

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