R&B Singer K. Michelle Reveals She Auditioned To Play Mercedes On P Valley, Claims She Didn’t Get The Role Because Her Body Wasn’t Together

Fans and critics alike haven’t seen to be able to stop talking about one of Starz’s latest television dramas “P-Valley”.  Set in the Mississippi Delta, the show (based on a stage play by the show’s creator Katori Hall, “P***y Valley) is centered around the lives of strippers that work at a strip club called The Pynk.  Since the show’s emergence, some fans have thrown out the names of some actors or celebrities they’d like to see make an appearance at “The Pynk’, and singer K. Michelle has recently come forward to share that she was close to being cast.

We were first introduced to the Memphis native with the release of a few singles in 2009-2010 via Jive Records, including “Fakin’ It” with rapper Missy Elliot.  Michelle’s star-power rose after joining the cast of “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” in 2012 and becoming the show’s breakout star that season. Success from the show would help her to secure a new recording contract with Atlantic Records, where she released four albums before the release of her latest album “All Monsters Are Human” independently in January of 2020.

Besides being a main cast member of the Atlanta franchise of Love and Hip-Hop, she would also become a main cast member of the New York (season 4) and Hollywood (seasons 5-6) editions as well.  Outside of reality television, she would receive her first acting credit in a scripted series in 2019 on BET’s American Soul where she played the role of Martha Reeves, lead singer of Motown’s “Martha Reeves and the Vandellas”.  

Now that P-Valley has taken over the television screens of many and fans are gearing up for season two, the “More Issues Than Vogue” artist has come forward to share that she was “so close” to getting the role of Mercedes, played by Brandee Evans.  Michelle began to trend on Twitter when went on Instagram Live and confessed that she’s hurt, and still hurting, about not getting the role, and addressed her feelings about the comparisons to Evans.

“Brandee, who plays Mercedes, I auditioned for months for this part as Mercedes and it was between me and her. My body wasn’t together, I had holes in me. Everything,” said Michelle.  The singer undergoing a great deal of surgical work in order to remove toxic butt injections could have played a part in the singer not securing the role.  “She does an amazing job at what she does,” she continues referring to Evans, “but I haven’t even watched it in the full. I watched it, the first couple of episodes. It hurt so bad. Nothing hurts me so bad than to see y’all comparing me in doing this P—y Valley thing because I was that close.

That was my first role that I really was that close to getting. It hurt so bad, man! It does hurt me. It hurt me so bad! Because I was that close. It was between me and her. I was put on hold for the part and it didn’t happen, so I hurt. I hurt.”

She went on to share that she cried cried for days, even falling into a bout of depression, but also went on to show love to the show’s creator as well as Evans, who are both natives of Memphis like her.  

“But I’m so happy. I’m so proud of Katori, being from Memphis. Brandee’s from Memphis. I’m so proud of these women,” she admits. “I can’t lie, though, that sh*t hurts. Maybe second season I can be written in. But the fact that it was between me and her is something, I ain’t gon lie, I’ve cried about it. I have been hurt, depressed, been depressed about it for days. For months. You know? I got tears in my eyes right now. That sh*t hurt. I was so close, you know? But God knew, ‘K, you’re not confident in your body right now. K, you need to get those holes in your body fixed.’ You know what I’m saying? God knew. But to know you was so close, it was between you and her, that sh*t is heavy. That sh-t would be heavy on everybody.”

Check out some fan reactions to K. Michelle’s confession below.

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