‘I Know You Ain’t Coughing At Me’: Joseline Caught On Video Attacking Woman For Coughing In Same Room As Her On Cabaret Show

Joseline Hernandez is a spitfire. Her hot temper is what made her such a powerful reality star. There’s no telling what Joseline will do once the cameras are on. The former Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta star is now the leading lady in her own show. Her Zeus Network original Joseline’s Cabaret Atlanta is currently in its inaugural season and doing exactly what its suppose to do, creating viral moments for the Puerto Rican diva as she continues to define her brand post LHHA and Stevie J.

Hernandez kicked off her career way back in 2012 as Stevie J’s “artist” on Love & Hip-Hop. Things quickly escalated between the couple and they became part of a heated love triangle that eventually established them as the breakout stars of the show. In the time since she’s starred in several spin-offs and even attempted to launch a rap career. Her and Stevie eventually split and he is now dating Faith Evans with whom she exchanged so choice words with a few weeks back.

Joseline recently took to Wendy Williams to build up some hype for the new series. During their sit down things got heated between her and Wendy after she accused the daytime host of not “giving her her flowers”. Joseline told Wendy she had the #1 show in the country to which Wendy corrected her, “You have the #1 show on Zeus.” Joseline quickly got upset and told Wendy that she should be nicer to other women especially since she is no longer in an “abusive” relationship. You can watch their full exchange below.

In order to drum up more hype for her show, Zeus and Joseline shared a clip from a recent episode. In the video Joseline can be seen talking to a cast member who begins to cough. She immediately took offense to the coughing and approached the girl, ready to fight. Clearly offended by her coughing while Joseline was talking, she got up in the girls face and asked several times “who you coughing at”. Under a clip of the scene posted to Hollywood Unlocked she commented “Well in my defense. I really thought she was trying to be disrespectful. But I guess I was wrong which is why I had backed up. I know the ladies and y’all don’t so I know to ask what I asked.”

Check out the clip below.

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