‘I Told Him I Would Slap The Sh*t Out Of Him’: Matt Barnes Reveals Being Stopped By Same Cop Four Times

Matt Barnes is no stranger to trouble. The former NBA player has become a tabloid go to for his controversial opinions and dramatic personal life. Despite his hot temper keeping him in the headlines, Barnes is doing very well for himself these days. Not only does he work for ESPN as an NBA analyst, but Barnes’ podcast with Stephen Jackson has blown up as well. The podcast is called All The Smoke.

During his time in the NBA, Barnes got branded a “bad boy” for his erratic behavior. He got into several fights while playing in the league. Back in 2015 he famously drove 95 miles to attack Knicks coach Derek Fisher who was dating Barnes estranged wife Gloria Govan. According to the New York Post “Fisher and Govan, who stars on basketball Wives LA, have been dating for ‘a few months’, and that when Barnes heard Fisher was at Gloria’s home he ‘went crazy’ drove there to ‘beat the sh**t’ out of Fisher.”

Fisher and Barnes had been friends and teammates with the Los Angeles Lakers from 2010-12. When he got wind that he was now dating his ex-wife he lost it. According to a witness Fisher was not badly injured and ended up not pressing charges.

‘Matt came after Derek but he only had a few scratches… Derek’s not going to press charges, he’s going to let it go.’ a friend said at the time.

The following year he got suspended for one game after “attempting to enter the Milwaukee Bucks’ locker room and verbally challenging Milwaukee forward John Henson,” according to the NBA.

The Daily News reported “The incident occurred following both players’ ejections during a game in Milwaukee on Thursday, when Henson was ejected for taunting Barnes for blocking his shot. Barnes was also ejected for “continuing use of obscenities, then ran after Henson through the tunnel and reportedly failed in his attempts to get inside the Bucks’ locker room.”

In a recent Vlad TV interview, Barnes recalls a time a police officer decided to repeatedly stop him. The officer may or may not have been aware of who Barnes was or his famous temper, but Barnes explains that over the course of a few months this same officer had stopped him 3 times. Once for him having no front license plate, once for his window tints, and a third time for a suspended license. Barnes says the third time was the worst because not only was his license not suspended, but the athlete was nursing a sprained ankle and his cell phone had just died. The officer took his car and forced him to talk home with bags of ice on his knees and ankles from practice.

Barnes recalls his final encounter with the cop at Manhattan Beach. After coming from dinner he’d noticed the officer was parked next to his vehicle. Obviously recognizing the car from their previous encounters, Barnes feels like he targeted him. Their last exchange almost ended in blows as Barnes threatened to “Slap The Sh*t Out Of Him”, and eventually considered pressing charges against the police. Eventually he dropped his suit and the cop left him alone. Check out his interview below.

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