‘I Wonder Why?’ Lizzo Is Calling Out TikTok For ‘Body’ Discrimination After The Popular App Repeatedly Removed Videos Of Her In Dancing In A Bathing Suit


Once again, someone’s hating on Lizzo wearing what she wants. This time, it’s social media app TikTok. The popular app that features clips of people seems to have taken a special interest in Lizzo’s content – and not in the way that they have others. She took to her own TikTok to address the issue.


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Lizzo is no stranger to controversy these days, not because she’s done something particularly heinous. It’s usually because she’s not as “covered up” as someone else would like her, which is the case again. Lizzo posted a TikTok, with her call out as text in the video.

“TikTok keeps taking down my videos with me in my bathing suits,” the clip reads. “But allows other videos with girls in bathing suits. I wonder why? Tiktok… we need to talk,” says Lizzo. The singer is an avid user of the app, with over 3.4M followers and over 40M likes on her uploads.

While a TikTok audio clip plays underneath (titled “iknowiknowiknowiknow” by another TikTok user @erin_mcmillen), Lizzo mouths the words to the same song – implying that though she’s asking a question, she already knows the answer. That being said, she wants to have some words with the platform about the unfair discrimination.


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Lizzo has had problems with social media networks before. While she’s is a beacon of confidence for others, even she has her limits. Last year, the singer stepped away from Twitter, citing the trolls and the toll they were taking on her mental health.

While TikTok might have taken issue with some of her videos, other platforms have seem to let her love of herself flourish with no issues. Lizzo previously was on Instagram to remind us that “ain’t no thunda thighs without lightning 🦵🏾⚡️🦵🏾”. Lizzo took it slow-motion for us, as she faces the camera wearing nothing but a swimsuit. Sultry indeed – and still posted.

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