Ice Cube Wants Friday Sequel To The Place In Prison Following Deebo & Pops Passing, But Warner Bro Refuse To Sign Off On Idea, Delaying Production

Ice Cube is working hard to secure that his film franchise Friday has a fitting end. Unfortunately he and Warner Bros cannot see eye to eye on the last chapter of his cult classic series, delaying its conclusion over a decade. Cube and his lawyers have decided to take their dispute to court, and are looking to sue Warner Bros to regain control of Friday and the rights to several other Ice Cube lead films currently owned by WB.

Ice Cube has come a long way from his initial introduction to the spotlight via West Coast Hip-Hop imprint NWA. Their success in the late 80’s & early 90’s was thanks to a string of hit records and a ton of public outcry based on their image and rivalry with the LAPD. Following their initial success Ice Cube stepped away from the team and their label to make music on his own terms, feeling that he was not being treated fair financially by the Eazy-E and Dr. Dre cofounded label.

Recently reflecting on his film legacy, Ice Cube revealed that he almost excepted roles in two other icon 90’s films. Cube spoke with Big Boy about almost excepting a role in the Janet Jackson lead Poetic Justice. He ultimately turned it down because he did not agree with some of the character choices made by Director John Singleton. Singleton was not willing to make changes however and the role famously went to the late Tupac Shakur instead. Cube explained that his biggest issue with the character was how he chose a women he’d just met over his homeboy. He felt that had it been him, he would not have kicked Joe Torrey’s character Chicago out of the car for a girl he’d just met in Oakland. He did not agree with this choice and felt like it made the character a “sucker”. He also talks about almost excepting a role in Menace II Society.

Cube’s biggest role is arguable that of Craig Jones in the Friday franchise. It helped cement him as a Hollywood actor and launch the careers of several other acts including Mike Epps, Regina King, Nia Long and Chris Tucker. Cube had plans to conclude the franchise around its 25th anniversary, but has been stuck in a creative disputes with Warner. Some of the disputes include Cube setting the final film in a jail, something Warner Bros did not agree with. Cube feels that there is some discrimination and that his films are largely underfunded and under supported by Warner Bros in comparison to films with white leads. He’s hoping to regain control of the film so that he can conclude the franchise. Read more here.

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