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Rapper 50 Cent Reveals He Doesn’t Want Anything To Do With G-Unit, Wishes He Would Forget About It, And Brought Them On Stage

50 Cent, in addition to being one of the best trolls on the Internet, is also an accomplished television producer, with his show Power wrapping after years of success. Being successful in television is no small feat but fans are beginning to wonder if there will ever be a G-Unit reunion. It seems as if they shouldn’t hold their breath.

Power premiered in 2014 and became one of the Starz Network’s most highly rated shows and one of cable’s most watched shows in general. The cast featured Omari Hardwick, Naturi Naughton, Lala and more. Now that it has concluded, it’s been also splintered into a few different spin-offs, including one that features R&B singer Mary J. Blige.

Power Book II: Ghost is premiering on September 6th, 2020 and features previously mentioned Mary J. Blige alongside her once-duet partner Method Man. Returning Power stars Naturi Naughton and Michael Rainey, Jr. also feature in the show, which covers events after the original series ended by Naughton and Rainey’s characters.

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Power Book IV: Force has also been moved up production wise, and will feature the Joseph Sikora’s Tommy Egan character after he cuts ties with New York and heads to Los Angeles, following the series finale of the original franchise. Also, 50 Cent’s TV show on ABC, For Life, was recently renewed for a second season.

50 Cent has clearly made the transition from music to media smoothly than most and despite his initial successes with his group G-Unit, he’s distanced himself for the most part from them. He’s tiffed openly with Young Buck, while also dissing other group members like The Game and generally seeming to openly disrespect his time with the group.

Young Buck previously said that 50 blocking his success is something that he’s always done to all the group members of G-Unit. “What I’m saying is that, you know, 50, I think, Imma just be honest, it seems like, wouldn’t allow nobody to become just as big as him or bigger than him. Honestly.” Buck shared this view on No Jumper podcast very recently, highlighting how he’s still dealing with 50 Cent’s toxic view of the world – which 50 has highlighted on his own Instagram.

Buck has recently fallen upon hard times and had to claim bankruptcy. “I figure now is the perfect time to go there and start a GoFundMe. Send me $1, that’s all I need. Just $1, man,” said the rapper in a video. The Game took to his Instagram to make it known that he helped his old friend out – and of course, wanted to let everyone know.

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The Game shared a screenshot of the amount that he sent to Buck via Cashapp, his requested form of receiving the $1 that he asked all his fans to send him on Instagram. Turns out The Game sent him 1,000 $1 bills electronically.

50 Cent’s shown no remorse for how his old compatriots are doing in life, unlike The Game, and he’s further commented on that during a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid.

“Is there going to be a G-Unit movie, man?” asks Whoo Kid to 50 Cent over the Zoom call. I don’t care to do that,” said 50. “I’d like to forget the G-Unit.”

Despite Whoo Kid pleading on behalf of the fans that he thinks would like to see that, 50 seemed to regret that he even had to be in a group on his rise to stardom, opining about how Kendrick Lamar never brings his TDE-affiliated labelmates onto stage with him, ever.

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“Kendrick doesn’t even let those boys come on stage with him. I could have did that! What the f–k I’m bringing thirty n—as on the stage for? I could have did it like Kendrick.”

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