“If Something Happens To Her, They Did It”: Shekinah Jo Scared For Her Life After ‘Crossing’ Tiny & T.I., According To Sources

T.I and Tiny’s recent legal woes have been causing drama in all areas of their lives. From their finances to their personal relationships, their kids and their careers. The two have been embroiled in serious accusations surrounding allegations from a former family friend. Those allegations have spread like wildfire and now include several dozen people who have claimed to be assaulted by the couple in one way or another.

T.I and Tiny’s new problems have definitely put a halt to their money. Not only is the next serious of their VH1 reality show T.I & Tiny: Family & Friends Hustle been postponed, but T.I has also not been asked to return to the AntMan series highly anticipated third installment.

The couple’s daught Zonnique recently had to field some insane questions from overzealous fans who believed her parents had people “locked in the dungeon”. He repeatedly asked how many people her parents had in “the dungeon” and if she too was keeping people hostage. Zonnique maintained her calm and let the fan vent while she smiled and sipped her water. “You feel better?” she asked at the end.

Friend Shekinah Jo went to bat for the couple early on, telling people that the accusations were just the result of an obsessed sexual partner the couple frequented. This unfortunately backfired because in trying to defend the couple she confirmed their extramarital affairs and helped amp up speculation instead of downplay it. As a result she and Tiny are currently on the ousts.

“This was my last straw for her,” said an emotional Shekinah Jo. “When I made that comment about her, she was in the room with me. [MF[ was sitting right there with me. [Tiny] the one telling me what to say. And then when all y’all in America go crazy on me, my own friend sit there and let ya’ll take me down. Knowing I don’t got s**t to do with that she had going on. She let the world tear me up.” 

Now Shekinah is reportedly scared for her life. A source close to the situation spoke to The Neighborhood Talk and said Tiny and Tip are carefully staying quiet but are using other people to send threats to Shekinah. A social user Geisha305, posted a video that appeared to be a joke of Shekinah being gunned down in the street. While comical to some, the source says “this was a message.” While highlighting that both T.I and Tiny follow the page.

The source also highlighted a time where one of Shekinah’s events was shot up. “Tiny was supposed to be there but it’s funny that she never came,” they explained. “If something happens to that girl, they did it!”

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