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Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti’s Son Onyx’s Face Seen For First Time, Fans No Longer Believe He’s The Father Due To Son’s Complexion

Iggy Azalea had been successful at keeping her new son Onyx from the eyes of the public and people, but the paparazzi are never denied their goals, especially at Los Angeles International Airport. We’re finally getting glimpses of Onyx, even if Iggy’s tried her best to keep a lid on him.

Onlookers almost got a glance of baby Onyx before we even knew his name, thanks once again to LAX. She was previously spotted with the new bundle of joy in Los Angeles International Airport, with Carti’s mother, the child’s grandmother, carrying him.

The couple first linked in the summer of 2018, had an on-and-off relationship in the late months of 2019, with a brief breakup in December – Azalea declared ‘I’m single’ in an Instagram post – followed by a rekindled romance. Then it hit the Internet that Azalea had given birth to a son.

Instead of showing off her new bundle of joy, Iggy seemed to think that her social media might help distract people from even knowing the name of the child, at first. She said that, while she wanted to keep her son’s life private, she “wanted to make it clear he is not a secret,” adding: “I love him beyond words.”

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Onyx, which is cute and fitting for the mother’s real name, Amethyst Amelia Kelly, is now at least big enough to be in a stroller finally – which allows the press and others to get a glimpse like never before.

Iggy was more interested in giving her fans glimpses of her snatched physique, as she returned to posting to Instagram in the wake of her pregnancy to share the usual diet of thirst traps and sponsored fashion posts. Fans still wouldn’t let her live until she showed them a glimpse of her bundle of joy, despite her wishes for his life to stay private.

Azalea’s begun to share some bits of her child’s life with her fans, at least, ultimately giving into the allure of social media and instant connection.

She’s uploaded clips of the baby cooing, and he’s also been spotted with her leaving a music video shoot in the same Fendi stroller, which is alleged to cost $2,500. She was spotted toting the infant around her shoot with singer Tinashe for their collaboration “DLNW,” showing that she’s not only back to work but managing a new child at the same time.

Now, another paparazzi has managed to get a shot of baby Onyx – and this time, it’s the most of the child’s face that we’ve gotten the chance to glimpse at since he was born a few months ago.

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Once again, Iggy and baby Onyx were leaving the airport and were captured  by the paparazzi at LAX, this time with baby Onyx peeking out from the stroller enough so that the cameras could capture his face. From what most can see, it does appear that Onyx is as adorable as one might expect, with his superstar parents.

Some have also wondered if Onyx’s father has wondered about how light he is, compared to Playboi Carti’s complexion. It could be that his mother’s Australian genes are strong, given that he also carries a version of her name – a different type of stone.

See the pictures below.

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