Iggy Azalea Reveal Thirsty DM From Popular Rapper Asking To Kiss The Inside Of Her ‘Backside’

Rapper Iggy Azalea is definitely a polarizing figure. While many dismiss the star as a culture vulture or question her lyrical ability, others champion her catchy records and IG ready looks. No debate that a large portion of her admires are gentlemen vying for her attention. In a recent Tiktok post she decided to shine a light on some of the crazy DM’s she’s gotten from some very famous men looking to court the newly single mom.

Iggy may have not found success as large as he break-out single “Fancy” in the time since the record topped the charts. However she still commands a pretty large social media following with over 14 million followers on Instagram and 40 million likes on TikTok. She keeps fans pretty busy with an array of photos, sexy stories and viral challanges.

Just this February Iggy broke the internet with her take on the viral #silhouettechallenge to the mash up of Paul Anka’s “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” and Doja Cat’s “Streets”. That video alone has over 4.1 million views and counting.


it’s the black body stocking in silver heels for me 🥴

♬ Put Your Head On My Shoulder – Giulia Di Nicolantonio

Her #bussitchallange submission may have split fans a bit, but still many respected her addition to the trend and supported the new mom showing of her amazing post baby body. Iggy shares a baby boy, Onyx, with fellow rapper Playboi Carti.



♬ Buss It – Erica Banks

Deciding to ride the “challenge” wave further, Iggy took to her Tiktok to potential start a new trend inspired by her single “Sip It” featuring Tyga. In the colorful gas station themed video, Iggy playfully dances and sips slushes. One of the songs lyrics says “Rappers in my phone, in my DM, won’t leave me alone”. Iggy decided to pull receipts and dropped a new video of her dancing to the song while screenshots of men pining for her attention flash in the background. Several of the accounts are verified and boast some massive followings.


ha ha ha as if!?!?! 🙃 stay outta my DMs uglies.

♬ Sip It – Iggy Azalea & Tyga

One profile with almost 9 million followers offered to pay Iggy $15,000 for a FaceTime chat. Another account with 12 million followers told her she’s their “dream” while another proposed to her. The most outrageous message came from someone with over 27 million followers, telling Iggy that they want to kiss the “inside of [expletive]”. Fans have already began researching the potential accounts, and although a few names have been passed around, the popular rapper has yet to be identified.

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