“I’m So Proud of Myself”: Cardi B Latest Post Went Viral On Twitter After Revealing Her Natural Hair Length For The First Time Ever


This coronavirus lockdown has everyone oversharing on social media already – celebrities included. Taking us back to basics, the Queen of Hip-Hop Cardi B showed her fans and framily her original hair on Twitter. Who doesn’t know how it goes on wash day when you have a TON of natural hair?

Cardi of course keeps fans because of her propensity to just be herself, so wash day while on lockdown just became the latest opportunity to connect. It’s not the first time Cardi has shown her own hair on her socials, but it’s definitely been a while. She’s as amazed at how much hair she has as we are after seeing the clip.

“Look at my hair,” Cardi amused to the camera. “This is…my real hair,” as she ran her fingers through her luscious locks. She even took a moment to show the hair at the scalp and part some of it so that people could see that she was not spewing fake news. “Wow,” Cardi exclaimed. “I’m so proud of myself.”

Cardi B then posted up a picture, showing her natural hair journey. In the picture, Cardi rocks a cute afro in a pose for the camera that truly shows how far she’s come. Any fan of Cardi B knows that she loves her wigs and now we see that they are also probably protective, to keep her natural hair healthy. And healthy it appears!

To send fans into a further tizzy, Cardi THEN posted another clip of all that hair straightened out, long and banging! In a bit of a Two-Face moment, one half of her hair is flat-ironed while the other side looks blow dried and ready to be flat-ironed. It’s this picture that truly shows how much her hair has grown after the afro pic she posted from 4 years ago.

While fans await her second album, Cardi’s definitely keeping everyone occupied via her social media channels. She’s sure to be a fun follow as the rest of the country deals with this Coronavirus lockdown.

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