“It Be Yo Own Damn Kids”: Meek Mill Reveals He and His Mom Would Steal Together and Sell The Stolen Goods To Make Money

Meek Mill might have just broken one of the oldest street rules: don’t snitch. The Philadelphia rapper might have just done that, and who he is snitching on, as well as the actions, are pretty shocking.

The Philadelphia rapper decided to open up about his life on Twitter to share a tidbit of information concerning his early life and his mother, Kathy Williams. On Twitter, the rapper writes “I used to boost wit my mom back in the day …. we was poor had to turn it up.”

Yikes Rihmeek! The comments on both Instagram and Twitter were filled with hilarious accounts of users telling the rapper to keep this bit of information to himself, as it may have been embarrassing for his mother. “
It be yo own damn kids!” wrote one Instagrammer. Somebody else referred to Meek as “That one kid that can’t hold water… my momma said y’all can’t keep y’all lights on cause you give that man all your money,” they wrote. Another hilariously assumes that he’s “gonna have his mama church members looking at her crazy.”

However, before anyone should get ahead of themselves in thinking that Meek is airing his mother’s dirty laundry out for the first time, think again. As a matter of fact, Meek Mill has spoken about his upbringing with his mother before. On Mother’s Day, the “Going Bad” rapper shared a touching tribute to his mother in which he shared the good (and not so proud) times with Williams.

In the Mother’s Day post, he gives Kathy the title of the “strongest woman” that he’s ever known. “I seen my mom do so much for me,” Meek wrote. “I’m still learning how to help my kids mothers out more because it was normal for me to me to see a woman do everything for her family!”

“Thank you,” the rapper continues before listing off some of the memories of his mother’s strengths. “My mom used to assemble my basketball courts … coach me at rumbles… wash my clothes til this day…we used to hit malls together boosting together lol You couldn’t imagine! My mom never let me feel the pain of the ghetto. I would [have] thought we was rich!”

Like many others growing up, Meek Mill’s life was filled with struggles. At the age of five, his father was murdered, and his mother resorted to illegal activity such as shoplifting in order to feed and provide for her family, a Tablet Mag report states. At the same time, Williams admittedly “worked three jobs to keep the lights on,” according to an op-ed letter that she wrote on her son’s behalf, as reported by Billboard. The rapper has publicly stated that he would do anything to repay her, one time tweeting out that while in a drunken state he promised to give her $1 million.

Check out a few more reactions to Meek’s “snitching” on his mother below.

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