“It’s Sad When Close Friends Turn To Enemies”: Tiny Harris Reduces Shekinah Jo To ‘A Dizzy B***h’ and The ‘Worst Type Of Friend To Have

Last year was universally rough for the general public, and the energy of this year is on the side of getting back to normal. But maaaaaaan, if one thing is to be said, T.I. and Tiny’s 2021 may be the nightmarish extension of 2021 that most feared for themselves.  Already embroiled in one of the most scandalous headlines of 2021, the Harris family’s empire and close circle continue to crumble. 

If you’ve been following the highly salacious scandal surrounding T.I., Tiny, and Sabrina Peterson – the former family friend who at the top of the year exposed the couple for sexual misconduct, then you know where Shekinah pops in.  Like any best friend would, Shekinah inserted herself to defend Tiny against the allegations.   

However, her speech in the couple’s defense proved to be pretty counter-productive as some of the things that she said felt more damning than not.  Following Shekinah’s rant on Instagram Live, as well as the continuous accounts from various people, T.I. and Tiny began to see the ramifications that came along with the allegations. 

The couple’s VH1 reality show was soon pulled from the airwaves before it was to begin production.  It was also announced that T.I. was not asked to return for his role in the third installment for the upcoming Marvel film “Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania” among other things. 

Now on the heels of attorney Tyrone A. Blackburn claiming that more and more women are coming forward with stories pertaining to the couple’s alleged ways, things are heating up between Shekinah and Tiny.  When Shekinah went Live in the couple’s defense earlier this year, social media immediately criticized her for what she chose to reveal.  Social media sleuths also discovered that the on-again-off-again best friends were no longer following one another. 

Unable to hold back her silence any longer, Shekinah recently returned to her Instagram Live to once again address the situation, this time also speaking on the status of their friendship.  

“This was my last straw for her,” said an emotional Shekinah Jo. “When I made that comment about her, she was in the room with me. [MF[ was sitting right there with me. [Tiny] the one telling me what to say. And then when all y’all in America go crazy on me, my own friend sit there and let ya’ll take me down. Knowing I don’t got s**t to do with that she had going on. She let the world tear me up.” 

She added, “She let the world tear me up. That’s when I said you know what, I done did you hair for free, I done kissed your [MF[ a**, I done been there for you.”  Shekinah also went into her experience working on the show, before being removed, to which she places blame on T.I. 

Tiny caught wind of her former friend’s remarks and took to Instagram to address them.  “Why in tf would I ask her to say what she said?!” asked Tiny.  “True enough she wanted to speak up for me as a friend and I appreciate that but I NEVER EVER told her to say ANY of the s**t she said. That’s on MY LIFE & EVERYTHING I Love.” 

Her full reply below.  

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