Jada Pinkett Smith Admits Being Jealous Of Will Smith and Daughter Willow Smith’s Relationship, Says She’ll Never Have That

One of the most famous and talked about couples in the entertainment industry, Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, have spent a vast majority of 2020 in the mouths of others, thanks in part to August Alsina and his entanglement revelations to Angela Yee earlier this year.  Their relationship has been the subject of hot topics and conversations for many years, with the couple choosing to continue on with their lives, rarely addressing rumors.  It’s not until recently that they have begun to open up more to the public, especially via their Red Table Talk show that has gained popularity since its inception. 

Singer August Alsina released an album over the summer, and while on the promo trail, he resurfaced rumors of his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith, and made claims that he had the blessing of her Men In Black starring husband.  The couple came forward after intense social media scrutiny and addressed the claims, proving that their relationship was rock solid and in a great place following the entanglement.  

It is no secret, also, that the Girls Trip star shared a very close relationship with legendary Hip Hop rapper Tupac Shakur.  The two met while attending the Baltimore School for the Arts and immediately became friends. Telling Howard Stern once in an interview that Shakur was “like a magnet” once he approached her, she said, “Once you paid attention to him, he kind of sucked you in. And we hit it off from that moment on… I don’t think either one of us thought we would have made it in the way that we did, but we knew we were gonna do something.”

While they shared a close friendship, there was no physical connection she revealed.  “There was a time when I was like, ‘Just kiss me! Let’s just see how this goes,’” she told Stern in the interview. “And when I tell you, it had to be the most disgusting kiss for us both.” 

Husband Will Smith came on The Breakfast Club for an interview when on the promo trail for Bad Boys For Life, and revealed that even though their connection was not physical, it didn’t stop him from being jealous.  “Oh, f**k yeah,” Smith responded when asked. “That was in the early days. That was a big regret for me, too, because I could never open up to interact with Pac.”

He continued, “They had come into the age where now that was a possibility, and Jada was with me.  Pac had a little thing with that, but she just loved him. He was the image of perfection, but she was with the Fresh Prince.”  He also revealed that Jada thought the two were very similar and perhaps would’ve been friends had he not met his death due to gun violence in 1996.  He tells the nationally syndicated radio show,  “…Jada would say all the time ‘I’m telling you, y’all are so similar, you would love him.’ And I just never… that was a huge regret of mine. I couldn’t handle it. I was the soft rapper from Philly, and he was Pac.”

Well, it seems as though Will is not the only one jealous of a relationship of their partner, because Jada came forward recently to reveal that she as well, has one of her own.  Their own daughter, Willow.  

“I remember going through a stage with Will, watching him father Willow,” Jada recalls during Red Table Talk. “That was just like, ‘Oh my God, I’ll never have that, ever.’”  She attributes this to her relationship, or lack thereof, with her own father.  Her parents divorced after only a few months of marriage and left afterward.  The actress reflected on previous relationships she’s had and how thoughts on her father affected them.  “You don’t really realize it, but you expect your intimate partners to be the thing that your father wasn’t,” she explained. 

Because of what she experienced growing up without her father, she makes it a habit to remind daughter Willow that she is lucky to have a “daddy” in her life, even if he is not perfect.  “I had to stop looking at something that was wrong, or something wasn’t right because poor little Jada didn’t have a daddy,” she confessed.  “I had to learn how to stop focusing on what’s not going well.”  She also explained that she is happy that her children were able to have the “daddy” that she didn’t have growing up.  

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